Foodie Adventure #2

<Some years I don’t go far from home, but this year is one with several trips, each one very different. First was Southeast Asia and now my bags are packed for an extraordinary week long Foodie Adventure in the Loire Valley of France.

Let me tell you about these wonderful Foodie Adventures. They are the brainchild of Chef Michael Salmon and Mary Jo Brink who own the well known Hartstone Inn in Camden, Maine. The inn, by the way, was recently named one of the top 10 culinary inns in the world so that gives you a hint how tasty a Foodie Adventure will be. Chef Michael introduced Foodie Adventures in Tuscany 4 years ago. France was added a year later, and in 2014 would be chefs can choose between those two and newly added Spain. These trips book quickly, so if your interest is piqued, you better sign up early.

20130504-185603.jpgMuch of the week is spent visiting food related places whether they be wineries, cheese or chocolate makers or markets teeming with tantalizing fresh meats, seafood and vegetables. While we are out Chef Michael shops for the dinner that we will prepare that evening and gets the kitchen organized for the afternoon cooking session.

20130504-185156.jpgIt’s hard to say what the best part of the Foodie Adventure is. Of course, you expect the food to be wonderful, but so are the places selected for us to stay. I thought nothing could beat the villa in Tuscany, but the chateau we are calling home for the next week is pretty special.

20130504-194743.jpgMy room in this enchanting chateau is so lovely I have a hard time leaving.

20130504-194917.jpgSpeaking of leaving, it’s time to don my apron, one of the many special touches Mary Jo adds, and get to the kitchen to begin preparing dinner. On another day I’ll share with you a recipe or two, so do come back.
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34 thoughts on “Foodie Adventure #2

  1. I know you and Phil must be having a wonderful time in the Loire. That whole area is beautiful…what town are you staying in?

    1. We were not in a town but out in the countryside in a chateau Chef Michael and Mary Jo rented. It was somewhere in the area of Blois and Amboise.

      1. We stayed in a chateau just outside of Blois that looked similar…it is a great location to visit all the chateaux in the area.

      2. Agreed and there are lots to see.

  2. Oh my!!! Right after this comment I’m off to check out more details on these adventures!! My husband and I have never gone to Europe together (and I’ve never gone at all) so I know our first trip over will be just the two of us exploring but I think a foodie adventure will need to be our second trip…I love this!! (And I totally love the aprons too!!!)

    1. Kenley, you would love the food, the sights and the people who join the Foodie Adventure. We’ve done Tuscany, now France, and next year we will be in Spain with Chef Michael.

  3. I too, am envious of your fabulous trip. It is so much fun though to travel with you especially on this foodie adventure. You look great. I think traveling agrees with you. Looking forward to much more.

  4. My skin is suddenly turning the most odd shade of green. What’s going on??!??! Could it be?!??!! Yes….it’s GREEN WITH ENVY!!!!!! Wow, Linda! You guys!!! What a wonderful opportunity!!! I can only imagine how much fun this is!!! I don’t know anyone who travels as much as you do, and I think it is just fantastic! You get to learn so much and carry back so many incredible memories and new skills. The place where you’re staying looks like heaven on a concrete foundation! 🙂 Learn lots and take lots of pictures for those of us living vicariously (and jealously!!!) through you, girl!!!! Above all, have a blast!!!!!!!

    1. I am lucky, Alycia, and very appreciative of the opportunities that come my way. You would love this adventure, and I’ll share as much as I can!

  5. Can’t wait to see where your daily adventures take you and Phil, Linda. Will be following along as if I was right there.

    1. You can imagine what a great time this is. mJ and Michael do a terrific job.

  6. Oh my…I’m so envious of your foodie fun adventure! I can only imagine…the classes, the food, and the locale! Can’t wait to hear and see what else is on your plate or agenda!

    1. Mary, I can only imagine how you would take all that you experienced and make it entirely your own!

  7. Forgot you were leaving so soon on your French foodie adventure. So wish I had been jumping on the plane with you again. Hope Phil is as good of a roommate as I…ha ha. Everything looks divine at your chateau, and how nice to spend the time in one place this trip. Keep the photos and stories coming. Reading your blog is not as great as being there….but almost :o)

    1. Who could replace you? Yes, it is nice to be in one places, especially when it is so lovely. The experience is wonderful.

  8. You went on his foodie adventure?!!!….What wonderful!…I have contemplated doing that with my sister!…I will need to talk to you about it….I so love the Hartstone Inn…I so remember the unbelievable food experience at the Inn…I look forward to more of your trip with MIchael.

    1. Shirley, you would love or and I have no doubt you would pick up lots of decorating ideas to say nothing about ne recipes!

  9. Billie Keirstead May 5, 2013 — 8:52 am

    All I can say is you,are a lucky gal. And you look so fabulous with your new asymmetrical haircut. I would gain 20 pounds on a trip like yours. Looking forward to my own French adventure this summer. Bon voyage,

    1. Yes, Billie, I am lucky. No telling how many extra pounds all this good eating will put on me and they’ll not be easy to lose.

  10. Linda, you know we talked earlier about going on this trip
    . Wish we were there with you and Phil. Hope to see a picture of Phil with his apron. I know you all will have a GREAT trip.

    1. Thank you, Tom. Wish you were here.

  11. Foodie Adventure in the Loire Valley, I envy you! Looking forward to photos and recipes.

    1. Amy, it is such a treat to experience not only the area but the cooking is so much fun.

  12. Kathy and Mark May 4, 2013 — 6:44 pm

    We have stayed at the Hartstone Inn and can’t wait to go back!! It was absolutely wonderful!! Would LOVE to learn more about the Foodie Adventures!!

    1. I will be posting more so follow along. As you might guess, Mary Jo and Michael do a superb job.

  13. Have fun LuLu!

    Sent from my iPhone🌴♻

    1. Thanks, Janice. This is a week to love. No Louisiana cooking though.

  14. Delightful, truly delightful! I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures in such a beautiful part of the world.

    1. Yes, Claire, it will be a wonderful week. We did Tuscany a couple of years ago and loved it so much we signed up for more.

  15. I am so envious, Lulu! This is a trip I know I would love! Please take a lot of pictures and share, share, share!


    1. Jane, I can imagine you being a wonderful person with whom to share such an adventure.

  16. My dear, we have just left Malta and are on Sicily currently….we shall be trekking about France in a few weeks…….perhaps you can hide a nibble in a basket hanging in a tree, here and there for us to snack on!! Your trips sounds divine…….if anyone can take this over-the-top, it will be you! I cannot wait to here your stories of this adventure!!

    1. And I know your adventure has been wonderful. I’ve never been to Sicily so I’d love to know your experience there.

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