Stories Unfold

When I got married, I did not choose china or crystal thinking it was all a bit too fancy for me.  I’m still not one whose table is going to be very formal, but  some months ago I made the decision to use the china which came to me via my mother as if it were just another set of dishes.

tablescapeThis time around I wanted to pair it with miscellaneous pieces that are reminders of people and places.  The starting point is this beautiful piece of handwoven silk from Morocco.  The threads are finer than anything I will ever work with, and I love that this exquisite fabric was woven by a man.

tablescapeFlowers and candles are in some of my favorite things.  The cut glass pieces were gotten years ago at a neighbor’s estate sale, the small vases were mother’s and the candle holders are from a Maine antique shop.  I got them because I loved the etching on the base.  Together, all these pieces are a perfect vignette.

tablescapeThe china is a no longer produced Bavarian pattern called Richelieu.  Prior to WW II, the pieces were hand painted, but later they were machine made.  Mother started collecting soon after she was married, and I remember many Christmases and anniversaries Daddy adding a new plate, serving piece or cup and saucer.

tablescapeAdding to the memories are the crocheted placemats made by my mother-in-law and the textured pink glasses and plates which once belonged to my best friend’s grandmother.  Indeed, this table is wrapped in history, and I wonder what stories were told around the tables where these pieces were once used.


Adding the something unexpected is a must for me, and here it is the French napkins from Anthropologie tucked into playful napkin rings that provide a contrast to the more formal elements.tablescapeTouches of elegance, touches of fun are here, but what makes this table special is the story that goes with each and every piece that you see.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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23 thoughts on “Stories Unfold

  1. I love your tablescape. The china is just beautiful and you have tied everything together so well with the Fitz and Floyd pieces, egg centerpiece, linens, silverwear, and crystal. I have the same pink Fostoria Heritage goblets. My sister bought them for me as a Christmas gift and I adore them. Your table is stunning!

  2. Linda, I love how you’ve married and woven the textures, patterns, and histories together with your own personal stamp at the table! Your last photo is spectacular!

  3. That’s lovely. You have a wonderful flair for designing tablescapes and taking great photos of them. Happy spring and happy weekend!

    1. Thank you, Grace. I like doing tables better than the cooking!

  4. A table of memories, how special

  5. Hi Linda, You have really done a wonderful job of combining unusual elements, and each one is special on its own. Love that fabric! The dishes are so dainty . I do wonder how many special dinners they have held. Linda

  6. Oh, so elegant! The lighting and styling are all so dramatic and inviting 🙂 You have created a beautiful table with many special elements!

    So nice stopping by to visit.
    Kindly, Lorraine

  7. I so agree. It’s the stories that are linked to these pieces that are priceless. Don’t you know your mom is smiling down as she sees you appreciating and enjoying her treasures. The china is lovely and reminds me of my mom’s china. I’ve only a few pieces, they aren’t in good condition, but as you say, it’s the stories that are linked to them. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the history of your pieces. To me, that is the special element in a home. Women passing down their treasures to the next generations who use and adapt them to a more modern world. Love your mother’s china. This post almost made me cry – I really appreciated reading it!

  9. Exquisite! You have the flair and it is lovely and meaningful.

  10. Lulu, your table is so artistic and beautiful…I love the way you used that fabric…and the stories make it even better….thanks for visiting my blog.hope you come again.

  11. Beautiful table…that runner is exquisite, Linda. The cut glass vases are so pretty…as are the roses and alstroemeria!

  12. I can’t say enough about that fabric Linda, absolutely gorgeous! Your artistic and creative point of view shines here, you have paired some very different things, textures and styles effortlessly and with abandon to create an enchanted atmosphere! The unique elements are underscored by your beautiful details of the pieces history, what a beautiful table!

  13. My comments are identical to what everyone else is posting….I was oohing and awing over the dishes, napkins and glassware but when I saw that last photo….phew! Stunning, just stunning!!!

  14. OMG, that last picture just blew me away. The table is gorgeous. I love mixing old with new and classic with fun and funky. The napkins and the runner keep this table from being staid and look lovely. What a beautiful weaving your runner is. Happy Spring! xo marlis

  15. I’m with Pat in that I love that final shot. VERY artistic!!! I also love that you have gathered so many things together that have history and memories attached to them and put them all on one table together. I felt myself smile when you talked about remembering how your Dad would give your Mom a new piece on Christmas or for her birthday. I really could just imagine the joy she felt. We women are like that! It’s a good thing! 🙂

    Hard to believe that beautiful fabric was actually crafted by human hands and know-how!!! Isn’t it wonderful when we KNOW these things about certain pieces so that their specialness (is that a word?) is brought to the fore? It’s like you can just sit there and think about this guy making this cloth, not knowing where in the world it would end up or how it might be used. He was just doin’ his thing. Amazing! By the way, the candles you used couldn’t BE more perfect in how they complement that fabric!!!!!!

    Very pretty table, Linda! I hope you have a great weekend that includes warm, wonderful weather!

  16. Elegant is the word. the story that goes with each makes it very special. Thank you so much for sharing the story and the setting, Lulu!

  17. Wow what a beautiful table! So stunning.

  18. A beautiful vignette! I appreciate you sharing the backgrounds of each piece, and it is so inspirational for my own creative process. Thank you.

  19. I love this Lulu! Not only is it beautiful looking, but so many memories together is just such a fantastic thing! I love surrounding myself with items that have significance and a special place in my heart.

  20. The table is beautiful Linda.

    Sent from my iPhone🌴♻

  21. I love Hutschenreuther Richelieu. It is so elegant. What a lucky person you are to have such a fantastic treasure from your Mother. And that table is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  22. Very pretty. I love that last shot.

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