fish campThis Hackberry cabin may be called a fishing camp, but it’s darned cute with touches that make anyone feel welcome .

fish campTwice the cabin has been severely damaged by hurricanes, rebuilt and repaired by the homeowners.  The interior walls are now wood so next time a hurricane comes there’ll be no sheetrock and paint to repair. The fella did all this cutting and fitting, and he gets a big nod of approval for his effort.

fish campThe couple likes to cook (boy are they good at it!), and the kitchen is a chef’s delight with everything you need very accessible.

fish campYou have to look closely at this saw.  It belonged to a grandfather and painted on the blade is his farm, depicted here in a summer setting and on the other as a winter scene.

fish campI love this Christmas tree that lights the top of the stairs.  Now, don’t think those are ordinary ornaments.

fish campNope, each one has something to do with fishing.

fish campNot much time is spent in the bedrooms, but when bedtime comes, each one is a comfortable place to turn in.

fish campFamily quilts top the comforters without adding any frilliness.

fish campWhen all is said and done, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a group of guys and gals or just a bunch of fishing buddies, everyone is going to find this Hackberry fishing camp a great place to be.

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13 thoughts on “A Peek Inside

  1. I always say, “Well, butter my HEAD, and call me a biscuit”, but I like THIS version even better!!!

    That was a smart move to make the walls out of wood this time. Those hurricanes are no joke!!! The wood looks super, anyway, and really lends more of a “camp” feeling to the dwelling. The beds remind me of those at my grandparents’ farm in Sabetha, KS when I was a kid. The quilts were always chilly to the touch when you got in bed, but they sure warmed you up in a hurry!

  2. This looks like a doll house it’s so cute! I am generally not a fan of wood filled cabin decor and fishing paraphernalia but this is all adorable! The bedrooms look like you could really get a great night’s sleep! What a fun place for a weekend!

  3. What a great cabin! I love the fishing Christmas tree. The kitchen is to die for and that buns sign is hilarious! I’m so glad you joined us at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

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