There are beautiful cathedrals all over the world that people flock to by the thousands.

St. PaulsI doubt that St. Paul’s in Houston is on many people’s must see list, but to me it is as lovely as any cathedral anywhere.

St. PaulsBy today’s standards it is an old building as it was constructed nearly 100 years ago thanks to the generosity of some of Houston’s then leading citizens.  The craftsmanship would be hard to duplicate and if it were possible it would be at great expense.

St. PaulsThe bell tower has real bells operated by real people, and on Sunday mornings their sound fills the air.

St. PaulsBecause of its architectural significance and beauty, St. Paul’s has been named a historical landmark, hopefully meaning it will be here for years to come.

St. PaulsInside is a quiet elegance reflective of the neo-Gothic style.  

St. PaulsThere are no gilded columns or ornate statues, just beautiful stained glass windows through which the sun shines and, when they are open, allow bird sounds  to fill the sanctuary.

St. PaulsI am glad the doors here are always open because it offers a quiet refuge.

St. PaulsWhen the world is crazy around me, I sometimes like to go and sit in the empty building and wonder why the voice of evil is sometimes so much louder than the voice of love or why tragedy strikes so unexpectedly.  Those questions have been hard to answer this week.

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27 thoughts on “Quiet Beauty

  1. I think I might have seen this beautiful cathedral on a recent “60 Minutes” or other program like that. How incredibly beautiful!!!! I am so thrilled that they are able to keep their doors open for those who seek solitude and a chance to engage in meaningful thought & prayer. There are (sadly) so many churches that are forced to keep their doors locked for fear of the very people who actually NEED to have a little face time with God coming in and wreaking havoc.

    I hope your weekend was a good one.

  2. What a beautiful church and a lovely post.
    I host a weekly link party called “Oh, the PLACES I’ve been!” on Fridays. I think this post would be better served if you linked it there rather than Seasonal Sundays.You’re welcome at post parties, but I just think it would fit there better.

    – The Tablescaper

  3. That is one beautiful church, Linda. And Quiet Beauty is such a good title for this piece. i grew up going to a lovely church in Iowa, baptized there, and got married in it. I would always go and marvel at the stained glass windows – wondering how they could create such beauty!!

  4. Lulu, I was so glad to hear that the doors are always open for visitors. There is such peace inside.. such comfort. It seems nowadays most churches are closed except for Sundays. Why does that have to be? There have been times when I would be driving in an area I was so not familiar with and feeling lost and scared. I’d see a church and think I can go in there to find help. But of course, the doors are locked without a single person nearby. Oh, for the good ol’ days! What joy that historic church remains true to its purpose! Thanks for posting!

      1. Being as musical as I am, the Methodists and Presbyterians were always my favorite churches because of their extensive music programs. We had women’s choir, men’s choir, combined choir, youth choir, bell choir, and children’s choir.

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