Tables Done Vietnam Style

Among the many things I loved about traveling in Vietnam were the table settings.

Asian tableAlways there were lovely dishes,

Asian tablefresh flowers

napkinsand cleverly folded napkins on the tables.

Best of all, the markets were full of wonderful table accessories that were hard to resist.  When I unpacked my suitcase, I was amazed at all I had managed to collect.

Asian tableFinally, I am getting around to using some of those items, starting with a beautifully embroidered silk table runner.  Would you believe I bought four so this is not the only one you will ever see!

Asian tableI wanted the runner to be the star of the table so I kept the center simple with an assortment of glass vases and candle holders that seemed to float on the black silk.

Asian tableI was tempted to run buy some black dishes but decided to resist the temptation and make do with what I already have.  White works with everything they say, so white it is.  Of course, I can’t help but add a little extra color and chose to do it with the hot pink placemats that were also purchased in a Vietnamese market.  They just happen to be the same color as the lotus flower embroidered on the runner.

Asian tableThese napkins were a special find in Hoi An.  They are totally hand done, each one with a different pattern and color.  Would you believe they were $1.50 each which makes them even more special.

Asian tableWith wine stems and pink tinted water glasses in place, the table is set and has something of the flair I so loved in Vietnam.

Asian tableEach accessory holds a special memory of the place it was purchased and the bargaining that ensued.  That was part of the fun of buying.  

Asian tableI don’t know whether or not I really got any good deals, but I walked away feeling a pride of ownership for the mostly handmade items that came home with me.  My only regret is that I didn’t buy even more!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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28 thoughts on “Tables Done Vietnam Style

  1. You ought to take part in a tournament for one of the highest quality information sites on the web. I’ll advocate this site!

  2. Like you I love the treasures I find and buy on holiday, and the memories are kept going over the years as you use them. Beautiful choices and beautifully set!

  3. I loved hearing about your purchases and the fun you had bargaining. You have the artists eye selecting and setting your creative tables. The runner is very special and I am sure ensued much conversation about your trip with your guests. I especially liked seeing some of your lovely dining room.

    Thank you Linda, for your supportive comment while I was taking a blogging break. It was very appreciated.

  4. That is lovely! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.
    Yes, get thee to the dollar tree for black dishes, it will be very dramatic!
    Love the napkins folded little men/chefs???

    1. I thought I remembered how to do the napkin fold but so far it hasn’t turned out right. It was a good one. Truth be known I have black plates, but they are in Maine and I felt a second set would be overkill. I don’t always have the right thing at the right time.

  5. Lovely table settings. The napkins especially, with the beautiful details.

  6. Beautiful treasures from your trip. You will enjoy setting many tables to come with these gorgeous items. Love the square red plate! And FYI , you can find black dishes at $$ Tree. They are pretty nice too. ‘-)

  7. oh how wonderful! I love the painted napkins and the folded napkins too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  8. It sounds to me like you got some great deals. That runner is gorgeous, and I love the way you used the crystal on it. It does look like it is floating. What delicate, sweet napkins, and what a great price! You’ve created such a serene look on this table. laurie

  9. So many stunning table items, and one of a kind too. Your table is so chic and sophisticated. I love the embroidered napkins, what a great deal. I can imagine the bargaining cause that is how it is in the Philippines too…Christine

  10. What beautiful mementos of your fabulous trip, that you can use again and again. You definitely captured the feel of the far east with your stunning table! Love the pops of bright color against the black and the tulips are elegant in the glass vases, they seem to be floating through the air. I’m sure it was hard not to buy everything you saw!

  11. That runner is a gem! The various flower vessels are perfect on it. Love the table.. so effective and pretty. xo marlis

  12. What a memorable trip and how wonderful that you shared those beautiful shots with us. Your table perfectly reflects their style. Those napkins are fabulous!!! Now, nobody wipe their yucky hands or mouths on those works of art!!

  13. Lulu, Your table is lovely and I just love the runner. I know you enjoyed the shopping and the dishes. xoGinger

  14. I can see why you fell in love with your purchases. The silk table runner set the stage and I love how you sprinkled the vases down the center so artfully. Can you believe the napkins, with all that hand work were only $1.50? I look forward to seeing more runners on your tables.

  15. It’s always fun to return with mementos from your travels! Your new runner & napkins from your trip make dining an even more special occasion. Love your tulip vases with your blooming embroidered runner!

  16. I love your centerpiece and all the items you found in Vietnam.. They are all very beautiful.

  17. What a beautiful, elegant table, Linda. The linens are gorgeous. You have far more restraint than I do…I would have gone out and bought black dishes!
    Have a great week…

  18. $1.50 each for the napkins??!?!?! I’d say you got a HECK of a bargain!!! Those are really pretty! And handmade, to boot? Heck, yes!!! They’ll go with a lot of different looks, too! And speaking of napkins…LOVE the way they made the little people out of napkins!!! That is one clever napkin fold!!!

    I think using the white plates worked out just fine! The table already has lots of deep color, so going light is on the nose. You could have gone either way and been A-OK! I like the way the clear glass vases “float” above that beautiful runner. Looking at the handiwork on the runner, this would cost a FORTUNE here in the U.S.!!!

    I’m thrilled to see YOU so thrilled with all of your bargain purchases!!! You came home with some real beauties that you use a lot and you can treasure forever. That’s pretty special!

  19. You sure have a flair with decoration! Enjoyed every single item on your dining table, also noticed the nice bottle of Malbec ( one of my favorite wines) and the big painting on your wall is stunning! Thanks again for sharing and who knows, perhaps Home and Garden will showcase this special table in their magazine…

  20. Such gorgeous table linens!! I can imagine it being hard to narrow it down while over there and not just buy everything you see. And I love the napkin folding. 🙂

  21. Your table of memories is just so stunning!….I am in awe of those napkin folds…so very cute…and what great finds on the napkins and the table runner…I look forward to seeing the rest of your table runners…the table is just gorgeous…you must have been so happy putting this table together, remembering the great times you had on your trip…Thanks so much, I so enjoyed your table!

  22. Your table is just stunning! What a great eye you have to pick up things halfway around the world and bring them home and incorporate them into your beautiful home.

  23. Your table looked spectacular!!! Didn’t you just love the wine holders?! They ‘nested’ together so easily and were light weight – I brought back a dozen for gifts and of course wished I had bought (and brought) more!! I also got LOTS of silk scarves as gifts. Thanks for sending!! Carol

  24. Stunning Linda.. I love your orange lacquer ware plate and wine holder .. and those serviettes just superb! Great eye for attention to detail. Well done.. its amazing instantly how we’re transported back to special memories.. I trust you did a good VN meal that you learnt at the cooking school as well?.. mmm.. thanks for posting.. rgards j

  25. Beautiful touches to your table Linda…if there is anything I can pick up for you, just let me know. xx

  26. I’m glad you were able to bring home a bit of Viet Nam with you, you will treasure those dishes and linens and remember your wonderful visit every time you use them. The handmade napkins are stunning, can you imagine what they would cost here?

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful table!


  27. Beautiful!

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