Food for Thought

Mornings start slowly for me. I wake early, make a cappuccino and read or think or sit quietly until I’m ready to move into what will generally be nonstop until dinner. Sometimes words, like these from Anthony de Mello, help start my day and make me aware of what is important.

flowerCompare the serene and simple splendor of a rose in bloom with the tensions and restlessness of your life. The rose has a gift that you lack. It is perfectly content to be itself. It has not been programmed from birth, as you have been, to be dissatisfied with itself, so it has not the slightest urge to be anything other than it is.

I hope you find contentment in being yourself today and every day. I’m working on it, too.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

18 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. lovely! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite things hop xo

  2. Hi, Linda! I can remember being invited to join a very well-connected ladies’ group a few years ago. I joined, but with great reservations. I found myself unable to sleep, physically ill before meetings or outings with the group, constantly on edge, and crying a lot. The reason? I didn’t feel content to by myself in the company of this elite group. Looking back, I had nothing to worry about, but at the time it was just so tough because I was so dissatisfied with my life IN COMPARISON TO the life I perceived these ladies to live. I caused disruption and unrest in my life because I didn’t feel “worthy.” Thank God for growth and the ability to see the error of my ways!!! I have adopted a “love me or…whatever!” attitude in my “old age” that suits me to a tee! 🙂 Happy Easter to you and yours!

  3. I love that quote….so, so true…It is a known fact that many people do not call me before I am sitting with my coffee in my PJ’s watching my “GMA”…a luxury I have experienced since I “retired”…then as you…I go full steam all day!!…

    1. Good for you for taking time out just to be.

  4. Your quote is indeed a nice thought to start the day with.

    1. Exactly what I thought when I read it!

  5. Lovely image, lovely words!!

  6. You are so correct, if we spent more time celebrating who we are, we would find so much more peace and joy. Your time in the East has made you very insightful…….. Thank you again for that marvelous trip, I really did enjoy it so very much.

  7. A wonderful quote, and you are so right, thank you for sharing x

    1. Somehow I suspect you are a rose.

      1. Bless you! I think we are all roses underneath x

  8. Juliette Triozon March 27, 2013 — 2:27 am

    Thanks for the lovely insight. It is so true and always puzzle me to see what our world has evolved: we have all the technology to help us “go faster”, be more “efficient” or “save time”, telephone, faxes, computer, twitter etc…but, as we go faster, we have less and less “time” on our hands! Precious time to spend with our family and friends, less time to communicate or simply to stay “quiet” and practice the art of “farniente” (Italian for doing nothing)…In our busy and speedy world, we forget the “essence” of our well-being and just what you did: sip a cappuccino and read or watch nature around you or do nothing is “vital” for your soul and spirit! I too am doing it and it feels great!

    1. Juliette, you are new here, but what you leave behind is wonderful. I so appreciate the time you take to write meaningful comments.

  9. You should feel not only contentment, but also great pride in being yourself, Linda!

    1. For better or worse, wouldn’t you say?

  10. Such a simple and beautiful thought. I love it.

    Dawn Rigby

    1. Thank you, Dawn, and thank you for following along.

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