Crossing the Border to Cambodia

Next stop on the joourney is Cambodia which is wedged between Thailand and Vietnam. While it appears to be less prosperous than either of its neighbors, the people are happy and incredibly gracious making the stop in Siem Reap a most pleasant one.

20130310-173101.jpgThe primary reason most people visit Cambodia is to see Angkor, the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire. Sunrise is supposed to be a beautiful time to photograph Angkor Wat, perhaps the best know of Angkor’s many temples, but as we found out not everything goes according to plan. Can you tell from the photo what was happening this day? Yes, those are raindrops on the camera lens and the temple was nothing more than a dim outline. For this, a 4:30 wake up was unnecessary!

20130310-175806.jpgThe rain did stop,

20130311-000256.jpgand the Traveling Sisterhood began their exploration at Angkor Thom, or Great City, which dates back to the 12th century.

20130310-180115.jpgLooking at the surviving stone ruins, one can only marvel at the architectural ingenuity

20130310-180643.jpgand the intricacy of the images carved in stone. Believe me, these photos don’t even begin to tell the story!

20130310-232019.jpg In its prime Angkor claimed roughly 1,000,000 inhabitants making it the largest known temple in the world. Today, none but remains of some of the stone structures survive, and one can only wonder how they will withstand the hordes that flock to explore them.

20130310-232723.jpgWithout question, Angkor Wat is one of the world’s greatest wonders, and one day is not nearly enough time to spend there.

20130310-235437.jpg Not only is Angkor too much to cover quickly, the enormous crowds make for some slow going.

20130310-235614.jpgIf, however, fighting the mobs gets a bit weary, there’s always an elephant ride for some relief! Are you up for it?

12 thoughts on “Crossing the Border to Cambodia

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Cambodia, and Angkor Wat is just one of the many reasons. I’m sure the memories of Angkor Wat will always stay with you

    1. I hope you make it, Claire, as it is a wonder. It appears to me to be rather fragile so I’m wondering how it will withstand hordes of tourists.

  2. Very interesting! Cambodian people are so friendly, arent they?

    1. Indeed they are. What struck me as wonderful was the first words someone spoke to me in Cambodia: Welcome, we are happy people. Have you ever greeted anyone that way?

  3. Your trip is fabulous! Wow!
    I love you riding on the elephant.
    What amazing sights!

  4. I can barely express how much I look forward to ALL your postings, A friend SYLVIA HORNE
    put me onto your blog. The trip is a wonder. THANKS for all you do! Makes my life brighter
    and wider…

    1. What a nice comment to wake up to. I’m glad to have you along and appreciate The connection to Sylvia.

  5. Cambodia what a mystical and beautiful place.

  6. Pity about the sunrise and rain.. but I always say Linda, if all goes according to perfect plans, you’d have normal memories.. now you’ve got exceptional ones.. pic are super.. and your story lines just lovely.. I’ve so enjoyed your journey.. thanks j

  7. Unbelievable!!!

    Sent from my iPad

  8. I am soooooo enjoying your trip sharing !! Thanks……

    1. Susan, how nice to know that you are sharing the journey!

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