Next up: Hue


On a winding road, off we go to Hue noted for its historical and cultural significance.

20130306-213721.jpgA must do here is a dragon boat excursion on the Perfume River. Most of the boats are operated by families who live on board and to make an extra dollar, someone pleads with you the entire journey to buy something and NO is not a satisfactory answer!

20130306-215537.jpgWe were not unhappy to leave the boat at Thien Hu Pagoda, home to 45 Buddhist monks, including “little” monks. Where Buddhism is practiced, young boys become monks to make proud their family, however, they may return to ordinary life after a few days or weeks. At Thien Hu, the daily attire is gray robes. When they leave the site, gray is replaced by brown and for ceremony orange is worn.

20130306-220445.jpgEspecially sobering here was a grim reminder of a time many in my generation would like to forget. Reading this text brought back a vivid memory of the photo of this incident that appeared again and again in every publication.

20130306-221043.jpgNext on the agenda is the Citadel with its long history associated with the monarchy. After sustaining much damage during the American War as it is called in Vietnam, much of the structure is in disrepair, but there is evidence that some buildings are gradually being restored.

20130306-223004.jpgSaturated with history, it’s time for a little diversion, so off we go to do a little exploring of our own. As it turns out, Hue has a lot more than its history to share!

4 thoughts on “Next up: Hue

  1. The history of the region is always sobering. But its so good you and other visit to show and tell us and remind us.

  2. I’m thoroughly enjoying your tour…you and your girlfriends have to be fantastic time.

  3. I remember that fellow who set himself on fire in protest because it happened on my birthday. It was the talk of the news. Those are cool boats, but it’s really hard to imagine people living on them! I’m sure the badgering to buy, buy, buy gets old pretty quickly! The life of monks would be interesting to observe. There’s just SO much we don’t know about in this world!!! I’m glad you’re getting a chance to explore and experience for yourself! Take care and get back safe!!!

  4. What a very informative insight into Hue Linda.. well done.. your pics are great! Thanks for updating your journal again.. I’m JUST LOVING your journey! regards j

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