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I love books. The way they feel in my hands. The smoothness of a cover. The texture of pages. The allure of a clever jacket. And there’s nothing better than finding them in a small, cozy bookstore.

Come with me to Parnassus Books an easy to miss place located in a Green Hills (Nashville) strip center. It got its beginning when a long time independent bookstore, Davis-Kidd, closed. It was that closing that inspired well known author Ann Patchett and publishing veteran Karen Hayes to open another place that book lovers could browse in a friendly setting.

As you might guess, all of Patchett’s books are on the shelves, and if I remember correctly, they are signed by her.

In addition, there is a rack of books that are Ann’s recommended reads. This could be a good place to start this new year.

What I really loved, however, are the notes penned by store employees and Patchett that dot the shelves. Seeing those made me want to buy every book commented upon.

I could have stayed in Parnassus for hours browsing each section which was beautifully displayed in a space warmed by color.

The children’s area has to be a kid’s delight with games to play, animals to cuddle and an incredible selection of books.
There’s more to Parnassus than just books. It hosts talks by well known authors and a very energetic book club. With every bit of information book club leader Kathy Schultenover gave me, my appetite was whetted. I can’t wait to go back, and if you are a book lover in Nashville, this is a place you won’t want to miss.  And thanks to Ann Patchett for thinking that opening an independent store for booklovers was important.

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9 thoughts on “Book Love

  1. I like the feel of a book, too…my husband offered to buy me a Kindle, but I declined…told him it wouldn’t be the same as falling asleep holding my book each night!

  2. So great to see a tribute to an independent bookstore. We book lovers must work to keep them going. My hometown of Winnetka, IL has the Bookstall at Chestnut Court which is very like this one in Nashville. Going there to load up on reading inspiration & books is always on my agenda when in the Midwest! Hope everyone finds time to keep reading “real books.”

  3. Oh I could while away the hours in a bookstore like that! The stone & mortar bookstores are going to the wayside and Independent ones even more so!

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