Whether or not it’s because of the popular TV series Nashville, the city is receiving lots of media attention these days.  A couple of weeks ago, an article in the New York Times called it one of the most up and coming cities in the country which is possibly good and bad news for the folks already calling Nashville home.

ImageWhat I like best about Nashville is it’s home to GooGoo Clusters, a candy treat favorite since childhood.  Now you know where my priorities lie!ImageMost of all Nashville is known as Music City thanks to its roots in country music.

ImageFrom the time you step off the plane and no matter where you go, you’re likely to hear music from mostly young people who, no doubt, are hoping to make it in the music business.

ImageThe Grand Ole Opry is the most famous venue for country music, but my favorite place to go is the Bluebird Cafe, barely noticeable in a nondescript strip center.  Somehow though folks know about it, and crowds start lining up well in advance of evening performances.

ImageEntertainment is provided by some combination of songwriters and vocalists, and any time you go will be a treat.  The walls are filled with photos of well known faces who’ve gotten a start at the Bluebird.ImageWhile the Bluebird is not a place where you see lots of children, it is OK to take them.  I was there with my daughter’s family, and the girls loved it though they closed their ears a couple of times to what they thought was too adult language.

NashvilleNashville’s food scene is vastly improved over the last few years with new restaurants cropping up all over town.  Etch,  a newly opened bistro, is well worth a visit.

NashvilleNo matter what you do in Nashville, take time to explore the surrounding area that is defined by sprawling horse farms, four board fencing and old rock walls.  It is a beautiful area, and there are many reasons why it would be a most pleasant place to live.

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24 thoughts on “Nashville Done Quickly

  1. Ah, Nashville! The home of Ramon’s medical school, Meharry. We were there in May of last year for his billionth med school reunion, and it was a blast! We stayed at a hotel across from the Vanderbilt University campus. I took it upon myself to drive to 3 or 4 shopping malls a couple of times all by myself. VERY unlike me!!! Ramon & I spent an afternoon together revisiting places he remembered from when he attended school there in the early 80s. We went twice to a old soul food restaurant that was actually there way back when he was in school named Swett’s. Didn’t get to hit the Grand Ole Opry this trip, but definitely will next go round. We were there in Nashville shortly after he & I started dating, and I remember going to a BUNCH of places on a tour bus with all the other wives, but the Grand Ole Opry wasn’t on the agenda. So that’s TWICE I’ve missed out! BEAUTIFUL homes in parts of Nashville, and the horse farms you speak of….breathtaking!!! Let’s say we meet up there in 2014! 🙂

  2. I am here to tell you that Nashville is an amazing place to live. I didn’t always think so when I first moved here in the late 70s, but I have grown to love it here. It has grown to a sophisticated
    and vibrant city and except for the humidity in the summer, I love it here.

  3. It has been many years since I have had the pleasure of visiting Nashville. It remember it fondly. I regret I didn’t have a chance to visit the rest of Tennessee, as it certainly seems like a beautiful state.

    I’m not sure if you are aware, but there is a pop up on your blog that doesn’t go away. In face, it is on the comment screen now, and is somewhat blocking my ability to see what I am typing.

    1. Hmmm, I don’t know what the pop up is about. I just went to comment on another computer and didn’t see one. My daughter is now in nearby Franklin so ill be going to Nashville more often.

  4. I love country music, going to Nashville would be a real treat for me! Looks like you had a very nice visit:@)

    1. You can’t imagine how strange it is for her to be living there considering I was born in Franklin and my daddy’s family had deep roots there. Crazy!

    1. I think you are right about the young folks being attracted to Nashville which makes it a very happening place. If I have to go somewhere to visit Linsey, I’m glad it’s a place I like.

  5. My husband, besides being an actor, is a singer/songwriter and he has spent quite a bit of time in Nashville – He played at The Bluebird Cafe and loved it. I haven’t ever been there!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  6. I love Nashville! It’s such a fun and charming little city. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the visit and the sweet comment at The Dedicated House. It means the world! Would love it if you would share this great post at my Make it Pretty Monday party which is live now. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2013/02/make-it-pretty-monday-week-35.html Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  7. Great pic of you and the family….What a beautiful area of the country….always passing through and never really stopping…really need to make the effort…My friend’s best friend lives in Nashville…..a songwriter…thanks for the “tour”….

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