Come for Dinner

ImageThis now lovely dining room was once, I think, a living area or den.  The daughter’s over long table and very large hutch didn’t fit the dining space in her farmhouse, so some adjustments had to be made.  No one will feel crowded here.

Lucky me, I just happened to be with her in advance of the first dinner party in her new home.  Knowing how I love to do tables, she actually let me do my thing with her things, of course!

French country tableAs you might guess if you read here, the table linens, cutlery, dishes and glassware complement her French country look.  This girl does not have her mom’s eclectic taste which you see  so often in my posts.

French country tableWith the table being long and narrow, it did not seem necessary to have placemats.  Besides the plates are a lovely contrast to  the rustic wood surface.

French country tableThe linen napkins were a purchase in Provence, and would you believe LH is the daughter’s initial?  Some things are just too perfect.

French country tableFinished, the table looked lovely except for one thing….the topiaries had to go as they impeded conversation from one end of the table to the other.

French country tableThis is a house of many crowns which turned out not only to be a perfect centerpiece but added a touch of whimsy to the table. 

French country tableA word about the chairs.  This one was purchased from a hotel that was redecorating.  The bones were good, and with a lot of the daughter’s TLC and new French linen upholstery they have the perfect look at a more than reasonable cost.

French linen tableThis chair is from Ikea and covered with a white linen slip.  It was another inexpensive way to get the right look.

French country tableThe table is ready.  Don’t you wish we were invited to dinner?

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40 thoughts on “Come for Dinner

  1. I so adore your daughter’s dining room and table! How serendipitous to find napkins with her initials in Provence no less…cue the Twilight Zone music now 🙂

  2. Hi Lulu, I wonder if I could borrow your expertise… I have a set of V&B French Garden Fleurence, can’t decide how kind and what color I should use for this set of plates, and I have a large round dinner table for 8 people. No rush at all. Thank you, Lulu!

    1. Amy, could you email me a photo of a plate?

      1. Here is a link

        I got from their outlet store. I have search for the table cover for a long time…

  3. Lovely, nice and roomy!

    Thank you so much for linking to Let’s Dish!

  4. Beautiful, I would love an invite, giggle. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo P.S. I posted the new giveaway yesterday 🙂

  5. Linda, you did a great job. It is lovely. The crowns are fabulous and the french linens, furniture, dishes are just perfect. Love that the topiaries fit on the hutch. They are too pretty to leave the room.

    I am wondering what was served for dinner? I enjoy sharing my daughter’s talents too. Linsey has a lovely blog that I enjoy and she is talented like her mother. Now, I must go visit LLHdesigns because she may have answered my question.

  6. Laid out and perfectly inviting great job hope all her guests appreciated her Mom’s talents 🙂

  7. I really like the simplicity of the tablescape, it lets that gorgeous table be the star of the party seeing it is your daughter’s first dinner party in her new home.

  8. LU Lu,the table setting you created is lovely,and the dining room too.
    Thank you for visiting me and for your nice comment 🙂

  9. Simply gorgeous!! I love her decor and your tablesettings 😉

  10. I love, love this table….the tablescape is so very “Provence”…the crown is perfect for the centerpiece and I must say that the linens are my favorite!!…what a great find, especially being her initials!!!

  11. Thanks for coming all the way from Houston to set my table! I couldn’t have done it better myself! I have no idea how you and your tablescaping friends manage to change it up everytime. Mine will look the same almost every time! 🙂

  12. You did a fabulous job! It looks like your daughter is crafty too, the chairs look great. Visiting today from Thursday’s Favorite Things. 🙂

  13. Lulu,
    I’d say you and your daughter make a winning team!!!
    Love her choice in accessories. . .and i love how you put it all together!!!
    P.S. Visiting from Susan’s!!!

  14. This room and the table are so attractive. Your daughter’s house is beautiful!! The crown is a great centerpiece and conversation starter, too. That is just so lucky about the linen monogram!! Linda

  15. The table looks wonderful — simple and elegant, and you’re right — those crowns add just the right touch of whimsy! Very lovely.

  16. What a beautiful room!! I love the table. The napkins, topiaries and everything, just wonderful!

  17. Oh, I have always wanted a nice LONG dining table like this one! As our family grows, we really need one! I love the simple elegance of the tablesetting — so welcoming! Looks like you had some fun!

  18. What a wonderful room. Her floor is just gorgeous and the table and chairs make quite the statement. You set such a pretty table for her how fun. Wherever did she get the linen slipcover. I love the fabric and the details on the back. Let me know.

    1. I would love to tell you about the slipcover, but the daughter wasn’t pleased doing business with the vendor and prefers not to recommend.

  19. I love her dining room.. so welcoming. I have a chair from a hotel in Alabama, thank you Fedex.. that I recovered. So many memories too. Although the topiaries were too tall, they really did look great. Love those napkins.. some things are just meant to be and I suspect that would be one of them. Gorgeous.. xo marlis

  20. I love to get to play with my daughter’s dishes, too! Your daughter’s new set up is wonderful; I know that she much be thrilled. The Coconut Cake from Sam’s is delicious and so inexpensive. I completely recommend it! Thanks for inviting us for a peak at your daughter’s lovely table. Cherry Kay

  21. What a lovely dining room, exactly the look I am trying to achieve in the vacation house we purchased in FL, after my daughter gets the existing dining set. Your daughter has excellent taste, just like her mom!…Christine

  22. Oh Lulu, the table is so classy! I love the look!! The crowns are a perfect touch and much better for conversing. Your daughter’s home is just lovely. The hutch from Roundtop is fabulous. I’ve always wanted to attend, but have never made it. The pretty turquoise paint color is perfect inside the hutch.

  23. That’s is an elegant table setting, Lulu. I didn’t know that hotels sell chairs…

    1. Only when they are getting rid of everything and starting over.

  24. Lovely! What a beautiful table setting…love the extra long table, too! 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping in, Michelle. There is quite a story that goes with finding that table.

      1. I would love to hear it sometime! It is exactly the kind of table my husband and I are looking for to accommodate our growing family (Seven of us so far, lol).

  25. It is beautiful must be so much fun to see your daughter create her own it like her mother’s? xx

    1. Are you kidding, Jeanne, my style is all over the place. There are just too many things to like in this world.

  26. Stunning linen serviettes.. ones purchased in Provence Linda.. love.. love a great table setting.. well done.. super post.. x j

    1. Thank you, Jean. I like setting a table more than the cooking.

  27. Beautiful dining room and you did it justice with your beautiful setting.

    1. Thank you, there were lovely things to work with.

  28. Did the slip covers come from Ikea, too? I really like those! I am looking for a way to cover the chairs in our dining room. They have a patterned fabric when I would now prefer something solid. They are a Parsons style, but kind of overstuffed rather than slim like most Parsons chairs. (And like me! 🙂 ) You did a fantastic job of working with your daughter’s style and available accouterments! I visited her blog a couple of days ago. She has really, really lovely taste. Very understated. I love her wood floors in the dining room, too! I don’t know if I already “Liked” you on FB. I’ll go see. Have a good evening!

  29. I love this! Your daughter has great taste!
    Absolutely love the chairs!

    1. Thank you, Lin. The girl is very single minded when it comes to decor, and she does it beautifully.

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