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Breakfast With Friends

The Walking Group
The Walking Group

With all of us going here and there, we don’t walk together as much as we used to, but we are still the walking group bound together by years of memories and shared stories.  We may not see one another frequently, but we still celebrate birthdays together and sometimes gather for an Oscar watching party.

Usually, during the Christmas season I have everybody for breakfast, but the holidays got away from me this time around and I delayed it until after the first of the new year.  Actually, that wasn’t so bad because we weren’t rushing off to get last minute things done.

tablescapeJanuary has been chill and gray in Houston, so touches of red brighten up the table.  These very real looking tulips and poppies  add their touch of color, and do you recognize the runner?  It appeared here, and I’ve gotten very attached to the muslin because it works with so many things, is easy to manipulate and has great texture.

tablescapeWhite plates from the Palm series at TJ Maxx sit atop crocheted red placemats made for me by my sweet mother-in-law some years ago.  That makes them extra special.

napkinsTake a look at the napkin rings, moo-nificent!

tablescapeFor breakfast, the setting is simple.  After all, this occasion is about sharing time with friends at a comfortable, relaxed table.

To go with the fruit cup is an easy to make and tasty egg casserole that has only three ingredients: eggs, mozzarella and spinach. 

Egg Casserole

Egg Casserole

1 package chopped spinach, frozen or fresh

8 eggs

1 1/2-2 cups mozzarella

salt and pepper to taste

Layer spinach in the bottom of a slightly oiled baking pan.  Top with mozzarella.  Beat eggs and pour over the top.  Bake at 350 until the eggs are set.  8 servings

This can be made the night before and refrigerated until time to stick it in the oven.  Not only is it easy, it is one of those dishes that appeals to most anyone.   Next time you are looking for a new breakfast treat, give it a try.

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35 thoughts on “Breakfast With Friends

  1. So the breakfast casserole has me thinking….I have a massive container (Costco!) of fresh spinach in the fridge right now that needs to get used up. Saturday morning, I think we’ll be having a breakfast casserole! What a fun picture, and I love the way you set it up in all the different colors! Hooray for using the muslin to create an unbroken line down the center of the table! Those red flowers stand out even more prominently because of it! (I love poppies and tulips!) What a great way to entertain your walking partners and ward off the gray pall of January!

      1. Hi Linda: Thank you so much for your email and clarifying that the fabric is muslin. Needless to say, as a sewer I am also a bit of a fabric junkie and curiosity often gets the better of me particularly when I see it photographed. Put me in an environment of fabrics and it is like I’ve won the lottery. ☺

    1. I agree, Bonnie, it would be nice to live closer as I would love to know you better. The casserole was good, but the best part was how easy it was.

  2. The egg casserole sounds delicious (I will definitely try it) and I fully apppreciate the hand-crafted place mats as they are really, very pretty. Do hope you had a wonderful time with your friends.
    P.S: Regarding the fabric that you used from the photo it appears to be what we here in Canada call Gauze or Cheesecloth. (I do stand to be corrected as perhaps it is just the image, but most muslin is usually thicker with a much tighter weave. I do not crochet but am a sewer. ☺)

  3. I always think of my long time friends as precious gifts from God…that deserve great care on my part. I know that you cherish your precious, beautiful group. The crochet placemats are dear. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  4. It’s always good to get together with friends just because. Holidays are so rushed I like your idea of waiting until the first of the year. I’m sure it was fun for all and what a lovely tablescape. Beautiful centerpiece and the crocheted place mats. Great casserole recipe.

    The French Hutch

  5. I love that you waited until January to have the party for your friends!! I always wonder why we try to pack soooo much into the month of december. One of my favorite things about your table was the splash of red from the crocheted placemats made by your dear MIL. The casserole sounds so easy and like Alycia, I have a Costco container of spinach in my fridge, too. Did you ever make the eggnog scones?? Happy weekend!!

  6. Oh, that opening shot is just amazing. It looks so artsy the way the white and red pop right off that dark table. What a beautiful table you set for the ladies. How fun and what a great idea to put it off to January where you can actually relax and enjoy one another. I love your photo of everyone too. I have a luncheon group too and it is so fun to have memories over the years.

  7. So wonderful to have such great group of friends! Your table is glorious! I love your idea for a runner, wow..I will have to copy cat you!! The food look amazing too. Wish I was invited to your table!! Thank you for your sweet visit. Hugs,

  8. Love your draped muslin as a runner down the table with your blooming vases! I think breakfast or brunch with friends is much more fun than dinner!

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