” The Thread That Connects Us All “

As a weaver, how could I not like these photos. How sad it makes me that so much of this country’s textile industry has disappeared. In fact, there aren’t just a whole lot of us hand weavers either.


I was treated to an early gift this season… it was a dusty, old, dark, and very magical treat to this photographer’s eyes. The present I am referring to, was my visit to the last intact silk mill left in the US. Built in  1907, and known as Klotz Throwing Company, it is located in Lonaconing, MD which is about a five and a half hour drive from where I live.

On rare occasions, you can feel a presence of history in a place. I felt it instantly, when I set foot inside this mill. What also set the mood was the ambient light I had to work in.  The smell and feel of a past life lets your thoughts drift back to when it was a booming factory. Seeing the thousands of spools, and their links to the machinery, led you to actually imagine the sounds and visualize…

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2 thoughts on “” The Thread That Connects Us All “

  1. It really is a shame about the lack of mills in our country. How special for you as a weaver to have visited the silk mill. I love the photograph of the shoes and bench. The subtle colors and the grit and grime on the floor is beautiful, strange as that may sound. Thanks for visiting A Cozy Place Called Home. I hope your hubby decides that he just loves brussel sprouts if you make my recipe for him. I thought I didn’t like them but the sun dried tomatoes give a sweetness to them and the pancetta adds a delicious bacon flavor. I won’t be offended if he doesn’t like them because some people just do not like brussel sprouts no matter what is in them.

  2. What a treat that you got to go visit this historic place. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your sweet comment on my Sea Salt Sprinkled Caramels. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a kind word. I hope you’ll visit again soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

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