Walking the Dirt Road….Again!

dirt road winterHow many times have I mentioned walking the dirt road that is just beyond our house?  No matter what the season, I love its curving up and downess, the sound of close by water lapping against the rocks, the peacefulness.  In winter, when all is white, walking the road takes on new dimension.

dirt road winterIt is closed to traffic except that generated by two and four footed creatures!

dirt road winterHere and there is evidence that people have gone before

winterand a neighbor’s cottage hidden by trees in other seasons is visible.

winter Objects otherwise unnoticed stand out against the icy whiteness.

winterA browned leaf falls gently on the path and is locked in place.

winterRocks, sites of summer picnics, are buried beneath the snow and the view  to the bay unobstructed as no boats remain in the harbor.

winterBranches creak with their snowy weight

winterand snow melt works hard to find a way through the ice to the sea.

All around me is robed in white.  My breath is frosty, fingers and toes are cold.  Even my camera feels frozen in my hand so it must be time to trek back home for the steaming warmth of hot chocolate.  This Texas girl loves a bit of Maine winter each year, but I think I’m glad it’s only a bit.

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38 thoughts on “Walking the Dirt Road….Again!

  1. I love the snow
    Happy Pink Saturday!!
    And a blessed 2013…I know God has good things for us this year..stop by “My Sweet Prairie Home” and take a look around…

  2. We’ve been to Maine in the summertime and winter looks lovely in photos (a little too cold in reality though) …I’ll stay with enjoying the photos LOL 🙂

  3. Your pics of the snowy landscape just make me want to be walking that path with you. I love your dirt road!! How lucky you are to enjoy all that frosty beauty.

  4. Wish you were here to walk with me that path. We’re expecting a January thaw and I’ll brave the elements and that beautiful walk this week.

  5. This is the kind of beauty that can only be seen when traveling by foot! You become totally immersed in it all and you notice things that would otherwise disappear or seem unimportant. If you are dressed in warm clothing and wear good boots/shoes that keep out the cold and wet, this kind of walk is SO much fun and so informative!

  6. Thanks for sharing all the snowy beauty. This southern gal doesn’t see much snow but I did see a bit this year. Your pictures are incredibly beautiful, thanks for sharing,

  7. Oh wow! What a winter wonderland! Beautiful view but it looks really cold. Thanks for sharing! I am glad you were able to salvage your daughter’s Polish pottery. I can’t imagine disposing them. Happy new Year!…Christine

  8. Outstanding photography! Loved the comentary along with it, too. This is a beautiful winter post & very well done!!!
    I’m visiting from The Tablescaper’s Seasonal Sunday.
    Warm Hugs,

  9. So beautiful…it looks REALLY cold however to this Southern girl…I am pretty much of a winter wimp but I love seeing your gorgeous photos of all that winter white…everything looks so serene and perfect…

    1. 10 days is about all the winter I need. I love the snow when it is fresh and new, but when it dirties and starts to melt, it’s not my favorite.

  10. Beautiful photographs! Made me cold, brrrrr! I can’t take too much cold, though it is nice when you are inside with a hot cup of coffee by the fire. 🙂
    Thanks so much for visiting me!
    Hope you are having a GREAT weekend!

  11. I definitely think it would be great to “visit” snow but don’t think I want to live in it. I’m a warm weather girl from the South. 🙂 Best wishes, Tammy

  12. Lulu, it is so gorgeous! Thank you for the photographs. The way you captured a leaf, a post, and that deep snowy pathway, as well as the emptiness of the bay harbor. Beautiful!

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