Less is Enough

Holiday decorating is not the same as when kids were at home and we drank hot chocolate and decorated to the sounds of Christmas music.   These days I liven up the house with a bit of holiday color as a reminder that it is the season, and you know what, I enjoy having less.

Each year some things are pulled  from storage that haven’t been out for a while, and it’s like saying hello to old friends.  The challenge is always thinking of a new way/place to use what is selected.

holiday decorWho can remember why I liked these gold trees when they are so unlike me, but it must have been because of their sparkle and shine which reminds me of my youngest granddaughter.

holiday decorThis year finds them on the mantle, a challenging spot because it is a narrow space where not many things will fit.  Luckily, the trees are just right and sitting on a bunched piece of muslin (why do I have 50 yards?)  and interspersed with finials and turquoise ornaments, they’ve taken on new life beneath Alan McGee’s tapestry.

holiday decor

My favorite wizard like Santa stays out all year,holiday decorand this day he fits right in with the shimmering gold.   Looks like he came down the chimney at the perfect time!   The black candleholders were on their way to the closet when it occurred to me to bring them into play.  I tied them with burgundy gold edged ribbon, ran to Pier One for some gold candles and voila, they are the finishing touch.

Next I will move on to the dining room table, but for now I’m going to light the candles, pour a glass of wine and enjoy a few Christmas tunes.

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31 thoughts on “Less is Enough

  1. This is beautiful! I love the color combination of the gold and the turquoise.

  2. Love your sparkly gold trees! Thank you so much for sharing your mantel over at our Home for the Holidays Link Party!

  3. Your mantle looks gorgeous!

  4. I can totally feel the joys of Christmas in this post. Beautiful decorations.

  5. Manuela@A Cultivated Nest December 5, 2012 — 5:21 pm

    Beautiful! I love the pops of blue inbetween the trees and Santa does look like he just came down the chimney!

    1. Thank you for stopping by for some holiday cheer. Do come again.

  6. Even the shimmer shimmer fits with your interior! 🙂

  7. Simple and focus wins over spangledangle in my mind.

    1. Spangledangle, I like that word! I’m very much into simple and comfortable.

  8. So elegant – love the gold trees! It’s funny, but I haven’t put out nearly as many decorations as I did in years past. Perhaps it’s just that kind of year…

    Looking forward to seeing your holiday tablescapes!

  9. Billie Keirstead December 4, 2012 — 9:05 am

    We are spending more time in our summer home this year due to some medical issues, and I have very little,in the way of holiday decor here. But putting some cedar clippings from our yard on the mantle with some battery operated candles and a big shiny copper bow was just enough for inside. A Christmasy wreath, a few strings of lights just around the porch entry, and our little reindeer made of tree branches (we call him Kindling) is also just enough. The best thing is that getting it all out and then,put back in our under stairs storage is so much easier than what we have to do in Florida. Oh, and we go to Virginia for Christmas anyway.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, Linda.

    1. I would think with your access to greenery it wouldn’t take much to spruce up things for the holidays. Take good care and my best to you. BTW, I recently spent time in Ft. Myers and had dinner with some of those in our past.

  10. The trees look beautiful with the aqua. Happy Advent, enjoy the anticipation of Christmas.

  11. Our apartment has limited space for storage and putting things up so we have lights and tree decorations but not to much else. Your simple sophisicated look is amazing!

    1. Thanks, Kiwi. I’m finding that I like not having all the stuff out. A little makes everything seem more special.

    Also I have nominated you for Blog of the Year 2012 Award come collect a STAR

    1. What a nice surprise just as you have been this year. Here’s to all that is to come.

      1. I am glad you enjoyed your award
        and many thanks you are so kind
        I swear we could fix the world in this community of ours
        with all the love and peace here


  13. We have our Golden Retriever grand puppy every day during the week so no decorations where he can get to them this year. It is really liberating to not do the big deal. Instead of the 10 ft tree, there is a tabletop 4 foot one. The mantle and the buffet are all that got dressed. I am so relaxed!

    1. Hey, it makes a difference when you aren’t stressed over all the stuff that has become associated with the holidays. I’m big on giving myself a timeout.

  14. The golden trees go so well with the blue. Love your favorite Santa! I don’t decorate like I used to, I enjoy having less too… 🙂

    1. I have to use other than traditional Christmas reds and greens. They just don’t work with my house.

  15. It looks beautiful, and I admire your discipline! i did get rid of a lot of stuff this year and always SWEAR not to buy anything new, but I really failed this year! Our nest is empty but there are lots of birdies around all the time and they EXPECT things to be done up as usual! I love your touches of blue, so pretty!

    1. There are so many tempting things out there, but I’m trying really hard not to add any more stuff. I’m out of places to put anything.

  16. Apparently Dr. Nichols didn’t get the “less is enough” memo because even though our children are all in their 30s and have BEEN gone for years, he still wants more, more, more each year! No, he’s not putting it up. It’s on ME!!! I will admit that he pretty much tackles the outdoors on his own, though, and he does a mighty good job of it. But how hard can that be…really???? 🙂 You have done a splendid job with the fireplace!!! You and I both must put on our wish list a request for a deeper mantel. It’s tough working with such slender real estate! You’ve conquered it, though! The fabric really helps tie it all together nicely. LOVE what you did down below, too!!! That really makes a statement!!! Have fun relaxing, then on to the next!!!

    1. My hubby thinks much of the Christmas stuff is a bunch of falderal (how do you spell that?) and would be just as happy never to have to reach a high shelf to pull something down for me.

  17. Absolutely Beautiful and I agree… Less is Enough. I’m so glad the decorating is behind me for another year. Cheers to the glass of wine and your favorite Christmas music.

    1. …and how many places did you decorate?

  18. You certainly don’t need anymore heat from your fireplace than what those pretty candles provide! Beautiful, up-to-date use of your decorations!

    1. Especially with the temps being as warm as they are, there’s not much need for heat of any kind.

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