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Half my year is spent in a shopping wasteland, so part of the joy of being in Houston is being able to buy simple things like a new pair of shoes or decent underwear.  I must confess, however, that even in the big city, shopping does have its drawbacks, like what does a past middle age person who’s looking for comfort and style find to wear?

 Jeans, they are everywhere and scream with pattern.  Why, I was wearing these 30 years ago so either what goes around comes around in fashion or I was way ahead of my time!

Don’t like pattern?  There are skinny  jeans in every color.  Hmmm, the colors are nice but the leg isn’t the only thing that’s skinny.  I need just a scooch more room in the waist and hips.

Glitter is on everything from dressy or casual clothing

to Uggs.  It looks like if you don’t have some sparkle this season, you’re completely styleless,

but I really like these funky Uggs best.  Think I could get by with them?

Oh, and scarves are a must whether as accessory for dressy or denim casual.  That’s one place I’ve got style covered with my own handwoven creations.

Shoes?  Well, they are another story.  I’m thinking my flip flops are easier to wear than these.   

Am I wrong in thinking a lot of these babies are going to be on the sale rack, marked down and marked down some more?

Well, so much for this shopping outing.  It’s fun to look, but I still have some work to do to find my just right style.  How about you?  Are you going with the looks that are in or do you create your own style?  What have you found that works for you?

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23 thoughts on “Talking Style

  1. I had to laugh about your reference to a shopping wasteland…that describes what is available in many parts of New England perfectly. I can’t imagine anyone living in Houston wearing Uggs…it never really cold enough but I’m sure it is just the look that everyone wants.

  2. We in Belgium tend to be a gazillion lightyears past due on fashion trends, so sadly enough.. I can’t find galaxy print leggings or pants anywhere! So sad. Might have to look for some online, thanks for reminding me and feeding my need for shopping LOL.

  3. Not liking the floral jeans…but love the bright colored jeans..just bought some pink ones at Ann Taylor…yes, it is hard finding clothes lately that I really love….I love Uggs…I have one pair, but they are boots with a wedge heel…a bit more “dressy”…but not loving the sparkly ones….

  4. I am my wife’s sidekick when it comes to shopping and in a way I’m a bit familiar with this images. She has a Uggs boots that she loves. They are expensive though and not much on the generous sales genre but I agree, America has the most amazing clearance sales of out of season stuff and Houston definitely is a place to shop.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by, Lulu! Your blog is fantastic and I hear you on the new trends. I was thinking of getting a colored pair of jeans, maybe red or a mustard color. And I really know I can’t wear the florals without looking like a moron! Since I’m not so skinny (or young) anymore, it’s hard to find stylish clothes at the mall or nice shops. I shop online at Simply Be and Woman Within…they have skinny jeans in every size imaginable. And boots for wider calves. They have great sales and if you order something, go a size smaller.

    Now…I’m off to read more of your blog. Following, too!


    1. I have pink, orange and purple jeans but passed on the florals. I’m going to check the sites you mention and see what they have. Thanks

  6. hahahaha, hilarious, I know what you mean! I go for comfort first and try to glam it up with great jewelry! Those sequin Uggs were particularly awful!

    1. I wasn’t too taken with the sequined Uggs either.

  7. I am actually digging that silver sequin jacket….where was that? My boys love sparkle, glitz and glam..I shiver to think what their prom dates will look like in 10 years. Matthew’s preferred style is the cocktail waitress with the Dolly Parton wig. LOL…..sometime I wish I were my boys. A college tee, shorts and good to go.

    1. The jacket is at Urban Outfitters so you can run right over. No clothes for me there but I do find cute little happies from time to time.

  8. It is so hard to find anything to wear these days. I would love a pair of colored jeans with skinny legs but the fit is awful! Shoes are very hard too. I look but don’t buy and I really need some new things. The stores are catering to 40 and under women. I would love some good ideas for places to shop.

    1. Believe it or not, I have found one shop in Camden that has clothes that are age suitable and fun so most of my purchases are coming from there. Here I have found no where to buy anything much beyond jeans and tees.

  9. It’s November already, I still haven’t been able to find a pair of shoes; this explains. 🙂

    1. I finally did buy some shoes, but it took some doing to find something both practical and comfortable.

  10. I try to enter the new decade but it’s not easy. I’m not a great size for skinny jeans LOL! I did buy some jeans that are narrower from the knees down so I could wear them with boots. I also bought some leggings to wear with those boots. I always revert back to my comfort clothes, though because…they are comfortable!! I can only wear trendy things for short periods of time and love to come home and take them off!!

    1. You’re right about style not being easy. I find I do best creating my own look and not worrying about fashion.

  11. I agree with A Simple Village Undertaker…it has GOT to be easier to be a man!!!!! And I would sure need more that a “scooch” more room to fit into those jeans!!! I’m thinking 20 or 30 more scooches! 🙂 It has gotten harder and harder to find clothes I like. The only store I find anything these days is Talbot’s. Their clothing is all pretty much classically styled which is the way I dress. It is the rare occasion that I buy the fashion du jour. As for the shoes….holy moly!!! Most of them these days are either ugly as sin or have heels that may as well be stilts!!! Can’t go there! 🙂 Glad you had fun shopping around! It’s always fun…even if you don’t find anything!

    1. I think I would have liked living in ancient Greek and Roman times and wrapping myself in cloth and wearing strappy sandals!

  12. Illustrate? is my post 2/16/12 useful for you? if so permission granted. Do you want cc of patches I ordered too? Give me your emal to put in my contacts.

  13. I just ordered a bunch of hippie 60’s patches for my jeans from gypsyrose on line.

    1. Looked at the website. You’ll be quite an attraction with your patches!

  14. It is so much easier being a man…really.

    1. No kidding! Give a guy some plaids, stripes, khakis and a navy blue blazer and he’s good to go!

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