Pumpkin Frenzy

Have you ever wondered what would happen to all the pumpkins if it weren’t for October and November? Without question those two months make growing them worthwhile as there’s scarcely anywhere that doesn’t have at least one.

Some folks think one pumpkin is not enough

and have them by the dozens.

Others have just one tucked away in a clever display.

Really big pumpkins make great canvases

for clever artists

whose creations line the main street In Damariscotta, Maine,

and draw lots of attention from passersby.

Some pumpkins are a colorful addition to window display

while others are used by politicians to attract voters

or to encourage a favorite team.  I guess there’s just no limit to how these seasonal favorites can be used.  What  clever idea do you have for pumpkins?  Do share!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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8 thoughts on “Pumpkin Frenzy

  1. What a great pumpkin post, Lulu. I love all of the painted pumpkins, and that pumpkin covered porch is incredible. I enjoyed this post. laurie

  2. We were gone so much in October that I never bought any big ones, just little ones. I hate how they disappear right after Halloween. Don’t they know we love them for Thanksgiving too?

    1. Hey, my pumpkins and gourds stay out until early December. There’s just so much you can do with them.

  3. Those are some serious pumpkins! Would you believe we never got around to carving ours this year? But they looked pretty on our porch! All kinds of colors. We even have one randomly growing behind our wood pile! xoxo!

  4. The more the better…there is nothing more beautiful than a pumpkin patch…So many creative pumpkin art projects! Now was that a “working lamp”?…so very cute!!! I have seen the battery operated candlesticks with shades…that would be a project for next year…hmmmm..

    1. Would you believe the lamp did work! Those pumpkins weighed 300+ pounds….huge!

  5. Count me as one of those who thinks one is not enough~ especially with all the varieties that are available! I love seeing the painted ones. The painted lamp is so clever, wonder how long it will last?

    1. By the time I saw them the pumpkins were getting a little sad, but they were still wonderful to look at.

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