Returning from Southwest Harbor to Rockport, I always stop at a favorite farm stand for fresh produce and homemade goodies.  At this time of year, one never knows what to expect so it’s best to beware.

No friendly welcome from this guy

and in case he doesn’t discourage going further, entering is a risk.

Once inside the stand, all seems peaceful enough, that is until the owner smilingly points  to the shed out back where  ghoulish surprises lurk.

Whether rising up in greeting 

or causing chills to prickle the skin

these creepy characters  beckon with their eerie sounds.

Heart rate quickens as empty eyes stare at nothing…..

enough, enough.  All I wanted was a blueberry pie!

Happy Halloween to all you friendly spooks!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

20 thoughts on “Beware!

    1. Fortunately, the rabid skunk did not make an appearance. Can you believe the effort put into setting all this up and unless you just happen to stop at the farm stand, it is easily overlooked.

  1. awww. halloween up north. cool weather, changing leaves. how fun is that? thanks for sharing.
    is all well with the house in maine? storm damage? loss of power? hope all is well.
    xoxo ann

  2. Wait until you see West U!
    score of hanging pumpkins, ~2800 University;
    dozen big black crows (ravens?) on lawn, ~3300 Amherst.
    Also impressive: huge, 2-story tall inflatable cat, ~3300 University.

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