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Maine is mostly small towns and villages. Only Portland can be called a city, and it with a population barely exceeding 60,000.  If you think for a big state, Maine is underpopulated you are correct!

I so enjoy Rockport when I am in Maine that I don’t leave too often, but at least once each year I go to Portland to enjoy a great meal, shop or take in an art exhibit.

It is surprising how many excellent restaurants there are in this small city.  In fact, it has become known as a place where food and cheer are valued, and the eateries are often featured in national publications.

A new favorite this year is Blue Spoon which I learned about from blog friend Karen.  The family went there for lunch, and since we couldn’t decide what to have we ordered almost one of everything and passed it around the table for all to share.

Starting with the appetizer plates of sausage and cheese

and ricotta cakes (I’ll share the recipe later), everything was delish.

The grilled cheese sandwich with apricot jam was the best I’ve ever had,

 the hamburger with carmelized onions was flavorable and juicy

and a BLT with egg on top….well, judge for yourself.

I can’t leave Blue Spoon without mentioning the Rosemont Market across the street.

No fancy grocery store here, just a small neighborhood market that is packed with everything you could want, all fresh and organic.

While Blue Spoon is located away from the busyness of the Old Port area, 555 is in the middle of the activity.

I loved its simple bistro style decor

and table setting.

For brunch, the menu is hard to choose from, but after tough decision making I selected hangar steak and eggs and sneaked a bite from everyone else’s plate.

Now that you’ve had a taste of Portland, we’ll move on to some of my favorite shops, but let’s do that another day to let your tummy settle.  Hope you will join me.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

18 thoughts on “City Fix

  1. Looks like fun! Your gdau’s are adorable!
    We have laws here in Southampton about the tables outside. I don’t like having to navigate around tables. They permitted a few if the sidewalk is wide in front of their store. You have to take into account that some of us live here year round and shouldn’t be inconvenienced by tourists. Some of them live up to their bad reputation! 😦 Today I saw one make a u turn right in front of the no u turn sign! Too bad for her, she got caught and ticketed.

  2. Oh that grilled cheese sandwich looks divine!!

  3. Love these photos and now my mouth is watering. I lived in Kittery for about 9 months and it was a great place. I miss the lobster.

    1. Nine months wasn’t nearly enough time to experience all Maine has to offer!

  4. Your photos make a very case for a visit to Maine – wow! I especially love the sign that says “Wine Time.” That’s my kind of place!

    1. Mine too! That may have been why I enjoyed Blue Spoon so much.

  5. Fun enjoying those pictures of our Sunday in Portland. Can’t wait to try the Blue Spoon. My mouth is watering with those pictures.

    Hope you’re happily settling back into Houston. We miss you!

    Love Betsy

    Sent from my iPad

    1. NO, just repacking to leave tomorrow. Think you can make it down for a walk?

  6. I love Maine! It’s not a destination I travel to often, but when I do, I have lobster in one form or other every day. This food is making my mouth water. What kind of cheese was on the grilled cheese and apricot sandwich?

    1. The cheese was taleggio….yummy.

  7. Sausage/cheese and ricotta cakes, yummm! I’m ready for the next shopping tour … 🙂

    1. OK, hang on cause I’m betting you’ll see something you like.

  8. OMG-this stuff is to die for. Right now I am making lemon/butter/garlic pasta with side of shrimp broccoli in think beef sauce.

    1. ….and I’m reading this when I’m hungry.

  9. I loved Portland when we visited Maine…ate at a restaurant with a beautiful water view…and then went on the the lighthouse!…

  10. Sounds very quaint. I’d like to visit there someday.

    1. Visit you should. The coast of Maine is a wonderful place to experience.

  11. My husband and I have neen wantung a trip ti

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