Lobster Stew and Other Things

This is my lobster guy.  He is one of about 15 lobstermen who operate out of Rockport Harbor, and he makes it so easy for me to always have fresh lobster.  Four times a week he goes out to bait and check traps, and when I want lobster I send him an email.  On the designated day, he calls when he’s on his way in, and a few minutes later I meet him at the dock to pick up my fresh out of the water lobster.  This has become one of my favorite rituals.

Not only does he provide the lobster, he’s always good for a tip. Thanks to him I now remove the rubber band from the claws before steaming the lobster as he advised that leaving it on resulted in a rubbery flavor.    Makes sense, but I’ve always left the rubber band in place because  I didn’t want those claws grabbing hold of a finger.  Lobsters can be quite active before they go into the pot!

One day he asked me how I steamed the lobster.  I said in salted water.  He answered, “You’re on the water.  Next time go down and get salt water right out of the harbor, maybe even add a little seaweed to the pot.”  I did it, and you know what, the lobster was even better.

  There are so many ways to fix lobster, and one of my most favorites is lobster stew.  Not only is it delicious on a chilly night, it is so easy to make.  Are you ready?

Lobster Stew

2 or 3 lobsters*

1/2 gallon milk**

2 T. dry sherry (optional)

1/2 c. butter

salt and pepper to taste

Steam the lobster and remove meat from the tail and claws.  Cut into bite sized pieces and saute in butter in a large pot for about 2 minutes.  Add milk and heat until it’s nice and hot, but do not let it boil.  Add sherry, salt and pepper, ladle into heated soup bowls, garnish with parsley and serve with oyster crackers.  How easy is that!

*You can steam the lobster yourself or buy it already prepared which, of course, is easiest.

**I use any milk and like the stew best when I mix half and half with whole or low fat milk. 

When I am in Houston, oysters are more readily available than fresh lobster, and I use this same recipe for oyster stew, omitting the sherry.  Some things are just failsafe and this recipe is one of them.   Don’t you love those that are as easy as they are good?

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28 thoughts on “Lobster Stew and Other Things

  1. That sounds delicious ! How wonderful to email your order! I have a different method for clams and oysters. I just grab the rake and go get them, or rather hand dh the rake! Soon it will be too cold though!
    Gorgeous today, still enjoying the outdoor showers!

  2. A favorite dish and presentation of lobster was when the chef took the whole of the lobster meat out of shell including claws meet and set on plate covered with a bisque similar to this soup.

  3. Do you ever use shrimp in your stew when you are in Houston? It looks yummy and I love the simplicity of putting it together!

  4. You’re living a dream and don’t even know it….says the land locked “flat lander.” I can’t even imagine the luxury of jetting down to the wharf to pick up my lobster…we do however have spectacular beef available at all times. Thanks for the recipe for the Lobster Stew. Sounds delicious. Cherry Kay

  5. Oh my goodness, fresh lobster at your “beck and call”? Now that’s living the life!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe – my husband loves anything with seafood, but I’ve been too afraid to make any for him (after 17 years of marriage)! Your fail-safe recipe should do the trick 😉

  6. This concept is so foreign to me as I live in the dead center of the country. I think, however, that I would be so in love with the ability to do just as you have described that I, too, would cherish the ritual. What a cool thing to just be able to scoot over to the dock and get a fresh one! By the time lobsters make their way here to Missouri, they have grown a beard and are on a steady diet of Metamucil! 🙂

  7. This Lobster Stew was very easy (except for cleaning out the hard shelled lobsters!) and so good. I used a couple cups of water that I boiled the lobster bodies in instead of a couple cups of the milk. Everyone loved it!

  8. Oh Yum! You always make me wish I lived in a place where I could get fresh seafood. Love your arrangement with the Lobster man. He sounds like a good friend to have. laurie

  9. That was a great tip!!…I remember as a child when my uncle would pull his lobster traps out in the Florida Keys….He was a true “Conch”…all I know is that he was one of the very first people to get a “lobster trap license”…he had a very low numbered “3”…he passed away years ago, but I remember those wonderful days …

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