Over the Top…..Again!

This is Cellardoor Winery in Lincolnville, Maine, a hop and a skip north of Camden,

with a setting as lovely as any you can imagine.

Bettina Doulton is the fun loving energetic owner of Cellardoor, and  twice each year she hosts the most incredible events which draw people from all over.  The summer one, Pop the Cork, you can read about here, and today we will experience the fall event Vinfest,  an amazing production with varied entertainment, terrific food and a setting that would be a standout no matter where it occurred.  Where to start?

From the moment the enormous tent where the event is staged is entered, it’s a different world, one of total glitz and glamor.

Romantic light glittered over the sitting area and the dance floor,

and the jeweled piano is one that would make Liberace proud!

But the real drama occurred when the gauzy curtain revealing the dining area was raised.  What a magical setting with feathers and boas and softly glowing chandeliers that took my breath away.  There is absolutely nothing small town about the ambiance created here!

The tables were magnificent, set with beautiful glass chargers, and the numerous glasses and flatware suggested the number of courses that were to come.

Bejeweled napkins were in the seats of boa and fan festooned chairs,

and the menu was cleverly presented on etched and lighted lucite.  While we who enjoy tablescaping may never do anything so elaborate, there were some good ideas here for a simpler at home table.

Chef Michael Salmon from Camden’s Hartstone Inn.

The kitchen area was a hive of activity with the invited chefs working furiously to prepare their course and have it on the table in a timely fashion.  Be assured that each one from appetizer to dessert was divine and, of course,  complemented with a paired Cellardoor wine.

With dinner over, it’s time for the next round of entertainment which this year featured the Commodores whose music gets everyone on their feet, dancing or swaying to the beat.  These guys have been together since 1968, and their sound is as timely as ever.

Such a night, of course, has to come to an end but the memory lingers on.  A huge thank you to Bettina for allowing the rest of us to join in her fun.  Most of us can’t wait until next year to do it all again!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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23 thoughts on “Over the Top…..Again!

  1. Oh………..OH…………………..OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH I want to go!!! What an amazing time it must be ……………. envy in my heart!

  2. The Great Gadsby days–over the top! What fun!

  3. Wow that is hard to believe that this event took place under a tent. Amazing and Beautiful!

    1. How right you are, Martha!

  4. OMG, that dining room is just dazzling!

  5. This is just simply fantabulous!

  6. Oh My….What a magical and magnificent event! My mind is reeling from the herculean effort, vision, and the amount of STAFF it must have taken to hang, drape, swag, and stage this…in a tent no less! The piano blows me away 🙂 What a memorable evening it must have been!

  7. Drool, drool, swoon, swoon! This is the most amazing event I have ever seen and I am sure that it was 10 times more amazing in real life. I wish I could have experienced it but I am so grateful I stopped by to see it!!!!

  8. WOW!! It sure looked and sounded like a wonderful evening! Thanks for sharing such a great event.

  9. WOW! Just wow. Remember the ice palace in one of the James Bond movies….reminded me of that fantasy. Spectacular! Cherry Kay

  10. That piano buts Liberaces’ to shame! Have you entered our Sephore GIVEAWAY?!? Here’s the link, good luck! http://tresorsdeluxe.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/sephora-bare-minerals-giveaway/

    1. Thanks for the visit and the tip about your give away.

  11. Holy Moly!!!!!! What a spectacular event!!! I would have LOVED to have been a guest there! Do you know who the room stylist was? They certainly did a magnificent job! You’re right…since I am retired, I don’t get to do over-the-top rooms like that anymore. I miss it terribly. On the other hand, I can certainly see where many ideas could be easily applied to an at-home celebration. I just saw those rhinestone-studded vases on the stands today at the wholesale place again today and longed for them. At $110 each, I’m afraid I’ll never have them. 😦 I would want to have at least 3, and that would get pretty pricey. As for the piano, I just bought rolls of that fabulous stuff they use to do that. SO easy to bedazzle SO many things…it’s terrific. I would never have thought of doing that to a piano, though! Barry Manilow would also love that!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! It helps me stay in the mood for all this Christmas decorating I am having to endure in early October! 🙂

    1. How right you are about the piano being perfect for Barry Manilow. I can see his there now! I’m not sure who did the staging, but it was magnificent…no detail spared!

  12. Wow….what a “bash”….and I so recognize the chef!!….What a gorgeous setting…you must have had so much fun!!!…A night to remember, I am sure!

    1. Fin indexes. Can’t wait until next year!

  13. I love the concentration of crystal! Wouldn’t that make a perfect Christmas table!

    1. With all the white and sparkle, it would be terrific at Christmas.

  14. Rosemary Baxter October 9, 2012 — 5:29 pm

    Oh what a night! How could anyone outdo something like this? An idealized evening.
    Lucky you!

    1. I don’t know whether anyone can outdo, but next year will be totally different and just as wonderful. We will be getting our tickets early..

      1. LL, That is spectacular–I agree. I’ve not seen anything to exceed that setup– How on earth can they afford to do it for only $125 pp? Maybe it’s sponsored? If I were doing it as a fundraiser, I’d advise my client to charge at least $500-$1,000 per person! Cheers, LW

    2. Please send a picture of what you wore to this incredible event. Wow!

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