Come Along to Common Ground

Maine has a population of slightly more than 1,000,000, and one weekend each year it seems that most are in Unity for Common Ground, an event celebrating those who work the land and create with their hands.  On a beautiful fall day, it’s a great place to be so come along and join the fun.

Common Ground is a great place to stock up on locally grown produce

or Maine made products ranging from syrup to natural medications.

One of the things that characterizes Maine is the many people who work with their hands, and Common Ground is a great showcase for their work.

 Want something with a touch of whimsy?  Find it here.

If you are drawn to color and texture, the fiber tent is the place for you.  Here you’ll find handspun and dyed materials for kniting, weaving, felting

and rug hooking. Doesn’t it make your heart sing to see that the desire to keep old traditions alive still exists?

Hungry?  You’ll find an abundance of food vendors. What makes Common Ground foodstuffs different from most fairs is that all is made of natural products.  No overload of grease and sugar here!

In addition to visiting the numerous vendors, you can choose from many exhibits featuring farm animals.

If you can get close enough, you will be fascinated by the demonstrations of border collies herding sheep, goats and even ducks!  The intellect of these dogs is absolutely amazing!

So much to see wears a body out making time out an absolute must so get a bite to eat and take in all the activity

or maybe find a quiet place and catch up on your reading.  However you choose to enjoy Common Ground will be just right!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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17 thoughts on “Come Along to Common Ground

    1. And there were lots of families there. Kids loved the border collie demonstration and, of course, the food. We adults loved it all, and you are right about it being a great way to spend the day.

  1. Brings back happy memories of the trip there! Tell Alycia that she obviously lives a healthy, active life or she would know well what those holes are for! I actually have bruises on the spots of those bones from sitting on the concrete steps with the dog!

  2. How wonderful to see the locally grown products, Maine made products, handcrafts… in the Common Ground! And, the organic ice cream, yummm. Thank for the tour, Lulu!

  3. What an exciting event! Common Ground is a great way to see the amazing natural products of the Earth and of the handmade items made by skilled and artistic hands. It’s a wonderful way for kids to discover the different agricultural products and livestock. Fun post. Thanks.

  4. Those fabulous stools! Wish I could afford some but I am sure they are pricey with those luscious carved wood seats. Here in Western NC we have a Folk School, which preserves and teaches the arts and crafts of Scandinavia–everything from black smithing and wood turning to food preservation. Modern crafts too, like precious metal clay jewelry making and fused glass. The big art show is this coming weekend with great food ( lots of it IS filled with sugar and grease, tho) and Appalachian music and clogging. Sounds like we both have great places to summer each year. Wish we could visit one another some time.

    1. Is that John Campbell? I remember it being close when my parents lived in Murphy. Several years ago I went to Penland, an incredible experience.
      The stools came as kits ranging in price from $295 to around $400. I thought they were very cool, comfortable, too.

      1. Yes, John Campbell. We also have the Holland Lapidary School in Young Harris, GA, that specializes in rocks, semi,precious stones, and jewelry making. I have taken classes at both. I’ve always wanted to go to Penland. I had an intern who went there every summer. Now, I just dabble in whatever craft catches my fancy.

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