To Windsor We Go!

Today we’re heading to Windsor, not the English castle, but a small town in Maine with a big country fair that’s been a tradition for over a hundred years.

 First thing you see are all the veggies, pies, jams, quilts and whatever else can be judged.  It appears that everyone who enters gets a ribbon of one color or another.

Out on the midway  are all the usual attractions and food that can’t possibly be healthy but oh so good!

There are numerous exhibits of feathered and furry animals clucking and crowing and mooing and making all kinds of noise.

Farm equipment, old and new, draws lots of lookers

and the horse pull has people cheering.

 I’m not sure I like watching those horses work so hard, puffing and panting to pull about 3,000 pounds the farthest distance in two minutes.

All of this is great fun to take in, but what really gets folks pumped up is the harness races, something totally new to me.

Racing forms are carefully studied

and each race has people watching intently, cheering their driver and horse on.  There’s a lot at stake here, not only for the observers but for the drivers who are racing the circuit for some pretty serious prize money.

I just bet imaginary money on the races, and it’s a good thing because only one of my choices was a winner!

Yep, there’s a little bit of everything at a country fair, and it sure is fun to take it all in!

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30 thoughts on “To Windsor We Go!

  1. I haven’t been to a county or local fair in ages~ what fun! I’ve never heard of a harness race~ I’d have to bet imaginary money too 🙂

  2. That looks like fun! I’d love to watch a harness race. I’ve never seen one of those. In your photos, the horses look so graceful and pretty, but I bet it all goes by very quickly. Glad you didn’t lose any real money! laurie

    1. The race does go quickly bun not as quick as, say, the Kentucky Derby!

  3. Looks like a fun place!! Have a great week 🙂

  4. That is one exciting, fun and fascinating fair. There is always something new to learn and discover. Great images. I’m hoping to see Maine around Thanksgiving time this year. My sister said it’s going to be cold along the coastal areas. Any recommendations? Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Even though Nnovember may not be the best time to experience the coast of Maine, you’ll get a sense of its natural beauty. It is truly a magical place. When/if you decide to come this way, let me know and I’ll try to offer a few suggestions.

  5. I enjoyed seeing the sights of the fair through your post! I have never had the opportunity to attend a state fair, but would love to go to one someday.

    I have seen harness races –what we also called “trotters,” as there quite a few racetracks in NY and NJ where they have those type of horse races.They can be exciting!

    1. Lots of fun to someone for whom the races were new!

  6. Thanks for stopping by…..looks like you had a great time at the fair!! We still have country fairs (shows here in Australia) and they are such great fun for everyone.

  7. Thanks for a trip to the fair this afternoon! It was better than the football game I was watching! Looks like fun.

    1. Definitely more fun than football but I did get home in time to see Serena win the US Open!

  8. I love country fairs. So much to see and do. Wonderful reminder of where *we* started. I haven’t been to harness races — about the only race I haven’t been to!

    1. Too bad there are no harness races in Houston. They are lots of fun!

  9. I haven’t seen a horse pull in years. Your photos bring back such good memories of growing up in a rural farming area – thanks 🙂

    1. Living on the coast of Maine, I forget how rural the state really is. In a couple of weeks, there’s a great agricultural fair that I can’t wait to go to.

  10. Fairs are the best! I loved your story and pics!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the adventure.

  11. Hi! This is a good reminder, I haven’t been to the fair in a long while. Thank you for sharing your trip.

    1. I had never been to a fair quite like this and I loved it!

  12. There is something for everyone at a country fair. From the livestock to the blue ribbon food entries…such simple fun.

    1. It was, indeed, simple fun from start to finish. I should have entered something as I would have been sure to get a ribbon!

  13. The fair looks like a wonderful day out. I’m with you on the horses, amazing but uncomfortable

  14. I love these pictures; county fairs are just so much fun! We’re planning to go to our local fair in October; we haven’t been in several years. We like to eat the food (unhealthy, I agree with you), and look at all the exhibits. I love your pics of the horse events! We don’t have those here, but we have sheep herding exhibits by the border collies and … pig races. Those are pretty funny. 😀

    Happy Seasonal Sunday and thanks for visiting my blog.


  15. Stopped by from Sunny Simple – you had me with your photo of the harness horses. My husband and I used to go to the harness races around Chicago. Some of the old tracks are no longer running. One of the top drivers at Maywood Park in the 1980’s was Dave Magee, who gave me his whip after winning a race. We used to have a lot of fun at the track!

    1. Such fun, and I couldn’t help but wonder how some of the drivers didn’t fall off the cart they were leaning so far back!

  16. Happier Than A Pig in Mud September 8, 2012 — 4:13 pm

    Looks like a fun day! I love that apple sign, so cute:@)

    1. It was a very fun day, and as much as I wanted the apple crisp, I managed to pass it by!

  17. Seeing the Harness race made me trip down memory lane. Having grown up in Southern California, I went to the Harness races at Santa Anita race track on occasion. I just got off the phone with a girlfriend who remembers when we bet on “Big Bunny” in the 8th, the week before Easter!

    1. So, did Big Bunny bring home any reward?

  18. Wow…the fair looks like so much fun…..have a great time!!!

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