The Last Hurrah!

Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer in Maine, and it goes out with a bang on the midcoast with the Windjammer Festival in Camden.    On an absolutely perfect weekend most of the area schooners moor in Camden Harbor providing a real treat for crowds of people who enjoy the festivities.

Never been aboard a schooner?  Well, come on, let’s go below.  This vessel goes out for two or five day overnights and can carry twenty-four passengers.  This is where you’d sleep.  As you might guess, it’s a good idea to travel light.

Two bathrooms, or heads as they are called, are shared, and you won’t be enjoying a long leisurely bath.

Food is prepared in a small galley where efficiency is a must.  Considering how good I’m told the food is, it makes you wonder how it happens.

With space below being very tight, passengers spend most of their day topside lending a hand to the crew and enjoying the midcoast’s beautiful scenery.

A highlight of Windjammer weekend is the lobster crate races which attract a huge crowd.

Even this furry guy gets a kick out of the event.

Boys and girls attempt to run the crates in two minutes.  Some last that long, some don’t.  

When someone hits the water, there’s a collective AWWWWW from the onlookers.  Definitely, the lighter contestants have the best chance of staying erect because they don’t submerge the crates as much.

After lots of fun, food and ice cream, the weekend ends with a bang.  Crowds go home, traffic lessens and we bid farewell to an all too short summer.

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16 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah!

  1. That is one fun last hurrah! A post filled with wonderful times and great adventures. The images jump to life like fireworks. Thanks for a all these.

  2. There is something very romantic about the schooners. When you see the small bunks and shared bathrooms, the reality quickly sets in. I agree about the kitchen…how do they manage.

    1. I think I’d rather be on Pipe Dreams when it comes to sleeping!

      1. Me too and I know the food would be better.

  3. Love our homes in New England we have so many interesting things that take place year long. Now it is Fair Season I hope to go to Fryburg and Deerfield 2 of my favorites down this end 🙂 I used to haul carnival rides for Fiesta what fun to bring them to each fairground in MA,NH and Maine

    1. Love Maine fairs. We went to Windsor Sunday and took it all in.

      1. 🙂

  4. What fun! I always love when you share Harbor photos! I’m a tad claustrophobic but I love the idea of being on a schooner! Love the canine crew member with his PFD on 🙂

    1. I’d be spending a lot of time top deck!

  5. What a gorgeous picture of the schooners in Camden harbor…You know how much I love Camden!!…I think I would love a “day trip” on the schooner…overnight seems a bit too “roughing it” for me….I prefer the option of long leisurely baths or showers in my old age!!….

    1. I’m with you…a day trip satisfies me!

  6. As much as I love autumn….I’m always a bit sad to see the summer days end. There is almost nothing I love more than fireworks over water….the best!

    1. You are right…there’s. Lots of drama when fireworks are over water.

  7. It does go quickly, but the nicest weeks are the next 3. The weather is beautiful, the water warm, and best of all the tourists and summer people go home and we have Southampton to ourselves again! Love it!

    1. After Labor Day it’s like someone flips a switch and everything changes.

  8. That looks like a ton of fun…except the sharing sleeping quarters and bathroom thing. I’m afraid I have gotten too set in my ways for that, and lugging my husband’s C-Pap machine around on there would not be fun! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!!!

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