On a Summer Sunday

Sometimes I like to walk, camera in hand, and capture what is around me.

The first thing I noticed is a once again empty bird feeder.  I have marveled at how much seed birds consume in a short period, but today I think I found the real answer. This little guy’s full cheeks are a dead give away!

I don’t have to venture farther than Rockport Harbor to find a story to tell.  There’s always activity there. 

At the mouth of the harbor is a dock where today lots of people are fishing.  I see swirls in the water indicating fish are there, but I haven’t seen anyone bring one in.  I’m not even sure what it is folks are hoping to catch, mackerel maybe.

Because it is a beautiful day, some people do no more than sit and dangle their feet in the water

while others just enjoy being out and taking it all in.  When I asked this fella if I could take his picture, he answered in the thickest Maine accent ever, “Yep, if you’re (youawh) not afraid of breakin’ the camera (camruh).”  He made my day!

For the most part, lobster boats are moored,

but a few stalwart lobstermen have been out early and returned with their haul.

As I stand looking down the harbor, I see a schooner leaving filled with people who for a couple of hours will thrill at being on the open water, seeing the coast in a way it can’t be observed ashore.

Not everyone is on a big boat.  Some dinghy in to shore

while others  explore the harbor in a kayak.

In the distance, I see Indian Island, a favorite destination for kayakers and the symbol for me of arriving home.

How I love this place on a Sunday or any other day.  I don’t have to go far to experience sights and sound that make my heart sing.  Tell me, what are you seeing on a summer Sunday?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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20 thoughts on “On a Summer Sunday

  1. Beautiful and inspiring. Truly a wonderful Summer Sunday. Amazing photos . My favorite was the one where people were sitting by the deck, with their feet dangling or submerge in water, while having a great time with friends and family. Thanks.

  2. What lovely photos you captured. I just love the colors in all of them.

    I had to laugh out loud at the little stuffed cheeks of the birdseed thief! They used to rock back and forth on my parent’s birdfeeders and take everything too. They are little piggies.

    1. That was the first time I’d caught the little bugger redhanded. I don’t know which of us was the most surprised!

  3. What a beautiful Sunday in Maine. Thank you for sharing your day and sites. We water is so incredibly beautiful. I know you have enjoyed your summer! I will always treasure the time Ann, Jodi, Shannon and I shared with you and Phil and Maizie. We can feel a little fall in the air in Houston too.

    1. You can come again, you know.

  4. I love the well dressed gentlemen in the dingy with shorts…so typical of many yachting communities.

  5. thank you for taking me with you on your summery Sunday Lulu! So much to see and enjoy, th eguy in a suit jacket, tie and shorts in his dinghy, to the lobster boats, the cheeky nut filled chappie and lastly the beautiful light looking out over the water. Aaahhhh life feels good!

    1. You know, Claire, life is good!

  6. that is a beautiful outing.. i love to there.. the scenary is superb.

  7. What beauty! There is nothing like being near the water~ I love the views of the harbor and For Pete’s Sake 🙂 Maine is on our bucket list to visit, hopefully sooner rather than later!

  8. Looks like a pleasant Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed the sights.

    1. The whole day was a pleasure. Sadly, I feel autumn coming on which means things will change quickly.

  9. Today:
    for me a Armenian cooking lesson from an Armenian friend, Kiwi Daughter has cousin her age over for a sleepover and they gossiped half the night so they are having a late start to the day. Later BiL comes to collect said cousin, they all go to their place but return (by bike) with extra friend of cousin… they play board games for a while then cousin and friend depart.
    Whilst our Armenian food cooks slowly we are joined by visitors for lunch (Armenian friend + 3 Canadians)

    Weather: torrential rain lashing at the windows…we eat thinly sliced Spanish cured ham from a leg of ham we bought recently in Germany ….and salad and taste test some very unusual Belgium chocolates, Canadians bring a new beer for Himself to try and cheeses for cheeseboard
    ….then the kids have some friends in the street to play (upstairs indoors).
    I’ve done my standing for the day so go downstairs for a nap.

    Evening: the front door is open and I’m supervising Little Mr is playing Lego with our neighbour’s son in the upstairs doorway area, the weather is now balmy and fine.

    (This is Summer in the Netherlands: many seasons in a day is always possible) So a few hours ago Himself and and Kiwi Daughter collected two other kid friends and gone to the beach for a paddle / shell collecting / run around etc.

    Now the clouds are collecting again so I have a suspicion Himself and Kiwi Daughter will be back soon!…

    Neighbour’s son is younger than Little Mr so has just been whisked off for bed, Little Mr is playing Lego on the floor of my bedroom whilst I type this with the laptop on my bed with an icepack on my foot. As soon as Himself is back, we will start their bedtime routine 🙂

    1. Kiwi, this is a post in itself. I feel like I have just spent the afternoon with you and enjoyed it immensely.

  10. You are so fortunate to be able to spend your summers in paradise….Just love the gorgeous photos and the cute man who thought he would “break the camera”!…I could just sit out there all day and enjoy the gorgeous views!!

  11. Rain, wind, tornado watchs from tropical storm Isaac

      1. Just beautiful photos, Linda!! Thanks for sharing… makes me wish our visit with you had not ended… so HOT and humid here… UGH. Enjoy!!

  12. I have spent a lot of time there as I grew up in Billerica and I loved this whole area and the cape better than Salisbury 🙂

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