Each August I look forward to the Union Antique Show which is Maine’s equivalent to Brimfield in Massachusetts or Roundtop in Texas.  As you might guess, there are many temptations here.

In a number of booths I spied ironstone.  Loving pitchers as I do it was hard to resist buying one or two, at least until I looked at the prices!  Did Martha Stewart’s Living have anything to do with these sky high prices?

This elegant cobalt blue china from Germany was absolutely gorgeous, and I could imagine what some of you talented tablescapers could do with it.

When I saw this sign, I thought I had found my purchase.  How I would have loved it for my studio, but it was not for sale as it belonged to the weaver whose work was displayed.

Her work was beautifully done in traditional styles that would be perfect in a home rich with warm tones and textures.

Across the way, this woman worked with her hands braiding beautiful rugs.  Don’t you love finding people who continue traditions that are becoming lost to machine made? Hmmm, wouldn’t one of her rugs be terrific in front of this stove?

Speaking of textiles, vintage linens are always worth a peek.  They are one of those things I seldom buy, but I love to look.

 Fun things always catch my eye, and these larger than life fishermen definitely fit into that category.  If only I could have gotten one in the car it would have come home, but then, where would it go?

Also making me smile were these wonderful creations painted on old wood surfaces by a Vermont lady.    One of these would be a great gift for my recently moved to Tennessee daughter who will soon be raising chickens.

Here is the one thing I couldn’t resist, an ice cream scoop from the 1920’s.  How wonderful to find something that is both functional and a thing of beauty.  Truth be known, I would have liked to have the whole collection!

You know, all this browsing wears a body out so it’s time for a stop at my favorite booth where the fried haddock and clams are irresistible.

I hope these guys don’t hope to retire any time soon because they really do make the best fried seafood!

What a very fun way to spend a Sunday.  So, what are you doing today?

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19 thoughts on “Antiquing….again

  1. Thanks for taking us on a mini virtual trip to this show. I have been wanting to go but haven’t been yet. I agree with you about Martha’s influence. I used to collect pink lusterware until it appeared on the cover of her magazine and the price skyrocketed out of site! I am lucky enough, however, to have an ice cream scoop exactly like one in your photo which once belonged to my grandfather and then to my mom. We use it all the time and it’s great. I displayed in on a post a while ago as one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. I always look forward to seeing your posts of Maine.

    1. If you ever decide to take in the Union show, let me know. I’d love to browse with you.

  2. Oh my…such wonderful things…My heart is skipping a beat over those vintage linens!…What weekend in August is it held…? Looks like a great show to plan a trip around!!

  3. I really do think that Martha has influenced the high prices on so many things…especially white ironstone.

  4. So interesting Linda. THank you for the anniversary wishes. Did I understand you also celebrated yours recently?

  5. Be still my heart. I could go crazy in a place like this. My credit card would be crying all of the way home.

  6. Looks like I could get in a whole lot of trouble there 🙂 Love those vintage linens!

  7. Oh….what fun! Just look at those chickens, vintage table cloths and scrumtious eatins!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, my friend!

  8. Oh.I love antique shows and I could get into real trouble there..especially in the food section. LOL
    The menu choices look great.

  9. This place looks spectacular! You did not show a thing I would not love to own, except maybe the large metal anglers, not a place available for them, but they were great! Thanks for getting me out on this Sunday it was a great trip!

  10. Thank you for the tour! I especially love the hands braiding rugs and the stove!

  11. Aw, man…that looks like a ton of fun!!! I would turn cartwheels for that stove!!! As for the lady making the rugs by hand, I have to give it to her a hundred times over. I have NO talent when it comes to things like that, and I just marvel at the skill and patience involved. I’m so sorry that sign wasn’t for sale. It would have been perfect for you!!!!!!!

    1. Whatever talent you don’t have with your hands, you make up for it with your creative tables!

  12. Vintage Living Magazine August 19, 2012 — 12:21 pm

    The white ironstone, German china and that old sign are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  13. Oh wow…your trip to the Flea looks like fun. The Honey would have loved to eat some of that fish.
    Those metal art fisherman/ Anglers are so cool.

    All the artisans and their work are fun to watch.
    came here via SSS, Pat

  14. I LOVE white china and porcelain, your first photo completely caught my eye. I’d love a kitchen full of white (functional) accessories. I’ve just done a similar post yesterday that might interest you also.
    Ruth 🙂

  15. Oh I am so glad you shared this. I would have died and thought I was in Heaven. Out here in the west we don’t see good primitives and you really showed some things I would have loved to be able to see and maybe buy. I am so jealous.

  16. ohhh… so many pretty things! Looks like a wonderful time.

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