Maine’s Gardens II

Heading on up the coast of Maine, let’s stop for a visit at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Gardens in Seal Harbor.

This is a private garden open to the public one day each week from July until September.  This year visitors are allowed on Thursday thru September 6, and reservations are a must as is seeing the garden when you are in the area.

The garden is a potpourri of color

with more flower varieties than you would think possible in a single garden.


interesting mix of eastern and western influences define the spaces

and throughout  are quiet places where you can sit to take in all the beauty that surrounds you.

Here and there are little surprises

and each brings a special delight.  As I walk through this fantastic space I feel gratitude for all that is given to us through the generosity of others.

i so enjoy your visits and the comments you leave behind.

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23 thoughts on “Maine’s Gardens II

  1. That is such a special garden. We went last summer for the first time.

    We are I’m Bucks Harbor after a fun two days of good weather and sailing. When I went into Bucks restaurant to make a reservation, he said they were open till New Years. Sept may be more realistic for a get together here for us.

    Xxoo, Betsy Sent from my iPad

    On Aug 14, 2012,

  2. What a lush and lovely post! It is such a delight to tour this incredible garden. You have shared something so special as I am a descendent of the Aldrich/Thayer clan from Mendon, Massachusettes.
    Thank you for you visit and kind comment on my blog.
    Blessings from Oregon,

  3. I would enjoy the gardens immensely. Your glimpses are quite impressive.

    I like how you were able to place two pictures side by side or the placement of your potpourri of color pics. I don’t think Blogger format allows that. If it does I don’t know how to do it.

  4. Another gorgeous garden…thank you for the beautiful walk through the peaceful paths of beauty! Love that door…like the door through the Secret Garden…..Have a great day!

  5. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! I love to loose myself in these beautiful garden photos……as we are sweltering hot in the Texas hillcountry!

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