Just Looking

Stop!  There’s no more room in the cabinets for more dishes, but that doesn’t stop me from looking.  Is the same true for you?

How can you not be tempted when you see a display like this, so full of color and spunk?

And these dishes make me think of my collection of bird houses and what fun it would be to combine them with such playful tableware.  It’s all I can do to resist them.

These plates are so Texas, perfect for bar-b-que, and the centerpiece is quite a nice touch as well.

 Here the colors are just right for a Mexican feast complete with fajitas, guacamole and black beans.

Always white is classic, and these days there are so many wonderful shapes and textures that have given white a whole new look.  I wonder if the popular French country look has anything to do with that.

Speaking of French country, a bird nest filled with eggs adds a just right touch

and putting the nest under a cloche is a great idea.

Try hard as I might, there’s no way to resist these lobster plates.  They will be perfect for many a lobster themed dinner.

The good thing about looking is that it’s great opportunity for inspiration.  Do you find it so?


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27 thoughts on “Just Looking

  1. After reading your fun tablescape posts, I’ve often wondered how you store all your “stuff”! DNR tells me it is all artistically arranged! Maybe that should be another post!

  2. Gorgeous dishes, how could anyone resist either of them! I certainly wouldn’t!! I always say this is the last one, but it’s a total lie! Your tablescapes are all beautiful too. Happy Let’s Dish.

  3. I have taken to “just looking” a lot these days. I’m bustin’ at the seams where dishes and decor are concerned, but it costs nothing to “just look” at what’s out there. You’re so right…browsing instills great inspiration to use those items I already have. I love to look at the Pottery Barn circulars and am always thrilled to see them in the post box. My favorite stores to browse for inspiration are Z Gallerie, Hall’s (Crown Center location in downtown KCMO), Pottery Barn, and Pier 1. I come out of those place with my head doin’ a Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” every time!!!

  4. There’s nothing wrong in looking, which I have stopped doings so…too tempting for me to buy expensive sets of dishes, when I have plenty of my own. (I would rather find something special and pretty, at Goodwill)

  5. Inspiration indeed…great tablescapes! If I get too crowded, I sometimes give away an old set to make room for a new one…I have a daughter and daughter-in-love who are both willing recipients…plus a bunch of friends who like to entertain, too. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  6. Really enjoyed the tablescape ideas! There is always a new thought when viewing china and table accessories in a store. My shopping places are HG, WS, Pier 1, plus antiquing and thrifting! I love bring home treasures from vacations. Please, pop over and view my finds used in a vacation tablescape.

    Thanks, Pam

  7. There is NO room in my house, not just my cabinets, but that sure doesn’t stop me. You’re lucky to have such a wonderful place to shop. We don’t have any store like that around here.

    – The Tablescaper

    1. These photos are from several different stores. I can’t resist snapping a photo when an interesting dish or table setting catches my eye.

  8. There are so many creative ideas out there…you certainly found some lovely ones. Unless a dinner is served family style, many times you don’t get to see how pretty a plate is until the food is eaten and the remains are smeared on the plate.

  9. I’m beyond out of room~ I like to pick up a set of two or four if I can’t resist a pattern! I’m going to have to be like Kathleen and get rid of food in the pantry so I can have more dish storage 🙂

  10. hard to resist a beautiful table setting. I am as addicted to tableware as much as you and had to get rid of so much in the recent down-sizing. Aaaargh! BTW..thanks for stopping by my blog

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