Holiday Dreams

More than 10 people for dinner here and there’s no place for everybody to sit.  Most of the time that’s OK, but when holidays come around, I find myself thinking how nice it would be to have a place for nothing but entertaining, a little house that would be perfect for 30, 40 or 60 people.  

If I had such a place, it would be a lot like this, a cottage in a beautiful setting with spaces inside and out for people to mix and mingle.  

It would have windows all around so no one would miss the stunning views.

It would have long tables and benches so no one would be left standing when it came time to eat.

For July 4th, there would be  arrangements of red, white and blue flowers mixed among mosaic containers in the same patriotic colors and, yes, there would be matching tableware at every place.  Now, that would be a departure for me!

To capture a bit of Texas and Maine, there would be bar-b-que and lobster

and just in case there are guests who are new to the art of eating lobster, they’ll not be left in the dark.

At party’s end, hopefully, someone will come along and clean up.  Well, a girl can dream can’t she?

 No matter where or how you celebrate your holiday, I hope it’s one you enjoy with friends and family and that you will take a moment to give thanks for the freedom we enjoy in this country we call home.

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32 thoughts on “Holiday Dreams

  1. Oooooooh. Hints of a double rainbow. I saw a triple once and the arcs were right above me. I felt as though the universe had singled out little ol’ me for the spectacular show.

  2. Great room and table! We can all dream!

  3. I like your dream house and I hope your dreams come true some day. I designed and built mine on the bay in Key Largo, Florida. It was the house I was going to die in. I’ve learned not to make such carved in stone statements like that any more. I have moved three times since that but there will never be another like it.

  4. Thanks for stopping by. That table is beautiful. I love the mosaics!

  5. What a great dream!! Thanks so much for sharing your dream!! That is a beautiful building and view, fabulous place for a gathering!!

  6. Now that would be a dream come true! When you find it, invite me…..I’ll help clean up….especially if you feed me lobster and BBQ!

  7. I’m with you on the cleaning up after and it would really be nice to have someone to clean before guests arrive too. We have no entertaining/dining room indoors, plenty weather permitting on the porch and outside but it’s problematic when it is SWELTERING! Hope your celebration was as delicious as lobster and BBQ 🙂

  8. I am with you on the dream too!! I would love to have a huge dining room with lots of space and windows that would look out onto a lake or the ocean!! haha gotta love dreaming. Thanks for linking up today!!


  9. Beautiful pictures. I love the mosaic candle holders and red, white and blue tableware and great flower arrangements. That room is amazing and the table is fantastic! There has to be servants scurrying around keeping that many guests happy. The food looks like you made it!

    I had company the last four days and will be posting some of our food we enjoyed for the fourth soon.

  10. Wow, what a fabulous house! That long, long table with benches just made me swoon! How perfect for times when the whole family is there — plus some friends! Thanks for visiting my table this week!

    1. It is a wonderful place designed specifically for entertaining. I swoon every time I’m there.

  11. Gorgeous post with all of the beautiful photos. We can all dream. love it!

    1. Dreaming is half the fun. Thanks for visiting.

  12. Oh, I could be very comfortable in a home like this one. Beautiful images. Wouldn’t it be fun to have one of those long tables. Yes, this is a fabulous dream!
    ~ Sarah
    The Lady Liberty is adorable!

  13. Barbecue AND lobster in the same meal!!! Now that would be special indeed. I love that beautiful long table and the festive way it is set. Having a beautiful cottage with a view would be wonderful

    1. You are right on all counts! Thanks for stopping by.

  14. I share the same dream! Thanks for sharing! Happy 4th!

    1. Had a great day despite not having my own cottage for entertaining!

  15. Your ideal room would be perfect for me too! Love those windows, the view and the table setting!! I have just spent the last 20 minutes or so reviewing some of your wonderful posts and have subscribed by email so I won’t miss your future posts. We spend a great deal of time in Maine and have been to Rockport twice very recently. I love the coastal areas! We climbed to the children’s chapel for the first time, which my Mom wanted to see. The setting, flowers and panoramic view were all amazing. Looking forward to seeing more of your musings from Maine. Linda

    1. Who would have guessed we have Maine in common! The Children’s Chapel is one of my favorite spots, and I think of it as my special place. If you are in the area again, shoot me an email in advance so we can have lunch. I also enjoy your blog and love the title.

  16. I think I’d like a pool, too 😉

    Wonderful musings – maybe someday your dream will come true!

    Happy 4th!

    1. I may just have to be satisfied with using the yard for bigger than 10 gatherings!

  17. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing the Holiday Dreams! Happy 4th!

  18. What a STUNNING building!

    My wish would be for exactly the same room but at least double the length so that I could fit this Kauri plank inside as my table top….you’ll see what I mean here: (would seat 50 with ease I’m guessing)

    … oh and to finish off the dream…one side of this building would overlook a swimming pool , some of those lovely windows would be concertina French doors and there would be a chefs kitchen just of the end of the room compete with massive BBQ.

    (I know I want a LOT but if we are dreaming and not footing the bill, may as well go for the works don’t you think?)

    1. Nothing wrong with dreaming big, Kiwi. That’s what makes life fun. Yep, that’s some table. Wonder how much it weighs.

  19. What a beautiful cottage to enjoy the meal

    1. Indeed! Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Amen to ALL of that, sister!!!!!! Wow…LOVE that dining room. I even like the big ol’ ship’s wheel in it! I would kill for a dining table like that!!! Rather than a “formal” dining room per se, one like this would be preferable. A table for 14 indoors…heaven!!!!! Have a safe and happy 4th, Linda!

    1. And wouldn’t it be great to have all the food brought in, too!

  21. shirley@housepitalitydesigns July 3, 2012 — 9:05 pm

    Love all the beautiful pics….yes, I would love that house and that dining room that will seat more than 20 people!!…Have a great 4th!!!

    1. Well, we can keep dreaming!

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