In Rockport….Really?

What you have to know is that Rockport, Maine is a small town, like fewer than 3,000 people,  on Maine’s midcoast, so what is it that brings an Elvis impersonator from Vegas, finalists  from  the Sing Off, bands from New York and Austin and Boyz II Men to this place?  The answer is simple:  Pop the Cork, a spectacular event hosted annually in late June  by Cellar Door Winery.

It takes place in two Rockport locations, the harbor and a nearby open field on Route 1.  Both venues have multiple tents  serving incredible food and drink  as well as nonstop entertainment which leads up to the headline performance.

The theme this year was right out of the 60’s.  This guy look familiar?

  Everything from the diner decor

to the food which included such goodies as fried green tomatoes with fresh corn salsa, fried mac and cheese (have you ever had it?) with collard greens and cornbread,

and yummy sausages with grilled onions and peppers from the Sausage Guy whose usual location is Fenway Park.  His concoction is outrageously good.  There was lots more from seafood to pork chops to ice cream sundaes, but you’ve been tempted enough.

The entertainment was Supreme-ly good

 with music made for dancing in each tent.

Elvis got folks of all ages out on the floor

and some didn’t even need a partner!

Excitement and good times were the order of the night, but nothing compared to the energy surrounding the performance of Boyz II Men.

They were terrific vocalists with a wide range of music that left the audience screaming  for more.

As much fun as the whole night was, it came to a quick end.  By the time we went back to our car at the harbor, tents were already coming down

and what a few hours earlier had been part of a nostalgic setting crowded with party goers was left standing, waiting to be loaded onto the trucks.

No matter where it happened, Pop the Cork would be an over the top event, but having it right in small town USA makes it something really special.  People from all over come for this evening of fun and entertainment, and I can’t give enough credit to Cellar Door owner Bettina for giving so many people opportunity for a night to remember.  Not only that,  proceeds from the event are donated each year to an area nonprofit.  How good is that!

I’m buying my ticket for next year as soon as they go on sale.  Want to join me?  I promise you will have a real big time!

i so appreciate your visit and your comments

18 thoughts on “In Rockport….Really?

  1. It may be even more than a ton of fun. Guess that’s what happens when everyone is in party mode.

  2. Makes me want to move! Looks like a ton of fun.

  3. Glad you had fun- saw all the tent going up last week- we had a house full of guests- maybe we can escape and go next year!!!!

  4. Fried macaroni and cheese?!??!?!!! What WILL they think of next??!?!?!! My goodness! Sounds like a gastronomically good time! I would want to sample a bit of each and every thing!!! (I am making fried green tomatoes to go along with dinner tonight!) I immediately recognized the young singer with the ball cap on as Nathan Morris of the singing group Boyz II Men. He has an excellent voice! The group is really good!!! I’m an old teeny bopper who still listens to their music! 🙂 “Elvis” would’ve had me out on the dance floor, too! Wow…what a great time! I wish we lived a lot closer to be able to enjoy something that fun!!!!

    1. I’ve been sore for two days from dancing so much, but it was fun, fun, fun. You’ll have to head east and check it out. Is Nathan the one who was the judge on Sing Off or was that another one of the guys?

  5. What a wonderful evening…especially with a beautiful starry night. I’m always amazed at all the stars you can see in the Maine sky without all light pollution (it’s so dark) to spoil the view.

    1. The night for festivity was perfect and much appreciated after so much rain.

  6. I would just come for the food alone! “fried green tomatoes with fresh corn salsa, ……with collard greens and cornbread” oh they sound tempting, and no I’ve never had collard greens with cornbread !! Sounds like a wonderful event

    1. Oh Claire, the whole thing is so much fun, and the food is always something interesting and fresh. I was just disappointed not to make it to all the food tents.

  7. You mean there is a place up there that New Yorkers haven’t invaded and contaminated? In Miami the are more Mets fans than Marlin fans at the games.

    1. New Yorkers not allowed but Bostonians are another story!

  8. What an amazing event! and to have the proceeds go to a good cause, even better!
    If I lived closer I’d LOVE to go!

    1. ….and I wished you did live closer. Here’s the plan, I come to the tulip festival, you come to Pop the Cork!

      1. What an excellent idea! we are fully booked this year and (probably) next because we’ve promised trips to see several friends, but after that let’s start some serious planning! 🙂

  9. What a terrific event! I’m ready to buy my tickets for 2013!

    1. You would not be sorry. It’s a blast!

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