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Looking Up


….and that’s just the way I feel when I take the dog out for her last walk of the night.  As Maizy and I head up the dirt road, my neck is craned up at the velvet black sky aglitter with diamonds, and I want to shout yahoo.  It is astonishing to see so many twinkling stars and sometimes the Milky Way over Rockport Harbor.   The miracle of stars is yet another reason why I love Maine where there are fewer bright city lights to blot them out.

i am so grateful for your visit

11 thoughts on “Looking Up

  1. I love this….going to grab this for my FB…it is wonderful….I can just see you walking and taking in the beauty of the heavens…

  2. Seeing the expanse of the Milky Way in all it’s glory .. one of the things I miss not living in New Zealand any more. In Europe, for the most part, there’s too much light pollution to decently see stars.

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