A Simple Favorite

No sooner do we get to Maine than I hear, “Lulu, I’m craving fish chowder.”  That is a craving I’m more than willing to satisfy as it is a simple to make dish that is everyone’s favorite no matter how many times we have it.

I found this recipe some 10 years ago in a cookbook which I bought because of its cover featuring a painting by Mary Bourke whose work I’m crazy about.   I am lucky to now own three of her paintings and they make me as happy as the recipe for the chowder.

 Baked Fish Chowder

2 lbs. haddock*

2 onion, thinly sliced

2  potatoes, thinly sliced

2 8 oz. bottle of clam juice, heated

2 t. dill

1 t. minced garlic

2 c. milk, heated

butter, salt, pepper

Layer potatoes and onions, seasoning each layer with salt,pepper, garlic and dill in a large casserole.  Lay fish filets on top.  Pour warmed clam juice over all, dot with butter and cover with foil.  Bake in a 350 oven until fish, onion and potatoes are soft, usually about one hour.  (It is hard to overcook so don’t worry if it goes a little longer.)

Remove from oven and pour heated milk over all.  Spoon into bowls and serve with oyster crackers. Makes 6-8 main dish servings.

* Haddock is readily available in Maine, but other mild white fish or salmon can be substituted.

With kids at the table, there’s no need for more than the most casual setting, but it does seem a good time for a manners prompt.

They get a big kick out of the napkins and table runner which are from Printing Grounds.  Sometimes they are a good reminder for adults as well.

With the kids, I like using the Tagg dishes because they are heavy enough not to tip easily. Mixing the colors together makes this a fun table for the children to enjoy.

With the chowder, we generally have a salad or grilled cheese sandwich, but no one minds if it’s served solo.  You’ll have to imagine its look because before I could take a photo, it was already being gobbled down.  Did I say it was good!

When you try it, let me know how your family likes it.

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21 thoughts on “A Simple Favorite

  1. This is a new way of preparing chowder…in the oven. Perfect for the cool weather we have been having.

  2. Cute runner and napkins…I love fish/seafood, my favorite meals.

  3. Love the runner & napkins! I’ve never had haddock~ your chowder sounds delicious!

  4. Debbie@Mountain Breaths June 10, 2012 — 6:56 am

    I love those napkins and the cloth! There is nothing like good manners and they are certainly noticed 🙂 I hope you have some sunshine for your peonies to bloom! We love Maine and I’m going to make your chowder sometime soon.

  5. Oh yum. I’m sure it was beautiful there too. Yes, those vegetables are from my garden and my parents. I planted early this year because it was so mild. We live half a mile from them, so my dad is happy to share;) I make him Roasted Salsas with the abundance of peppers! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Lovely book and the runner and napkins are quite awesome. I have never seen anything like it.
    The recipe looks wonderful. I love haddock…..

  7. That’s a delightfully simple recipe. I wish we could get clam juice more regularly up here 😦

  8. What a wonderful cookbook. I love to buy regional cookbooks and this one is just gorgeous. What a great table. This could come straight out of a magazine. Your runner and napkins are fantastic. They are just a treasure and just make the table pop! Have a great weekend!

  9. Beautiful photos. Everything always comes together so well on your blog.

  10. L-O-V-E the napkins and table runner!!!!!!!! Those are the hot diggity doo-da bomb!!! Every parent in America should have a set of those…with a backup just in case! You’re right, though…a lot of adults could benefit from the subtle lesson, too! This is really cute in so many ways, and I’m sure you got lot’s of “Please, may I have some more?” and “Thank yous”!!!

  11. Looks like a table perfectly set for chowder! Love those fun napkins.

  12. Loving this fish recipe. Grandgirls just love fish somehow, I’m so glad they do, it’s so healthy. I love your table too, so simple and yet so warm and inviting. Thank you for your lovely visit. I hope they can help me with a small table for ceviches with fish dishes. Have a great weekend.

  13. With the weather in Maine lately this dish would be perfect! Here’s hoping for some sun!!! Looks super easy too! Will try it!!!

    1. It is super easy. We always hope for some leftover because it’s good reheated.

  14. Cute table. Love the “manners” linens. Your recipe sounds wonderful and the “fresh fish” makes all the difference! I always enjoy hearing about Maine.

  15. I’m glad you appreciated the art work. Her paintings tell wonderful stories simply and with wonderful color.

  16. What a beautiful book and [ainting, I can see why the artist captivates you!
    Chowder isn’t a common dish here, but strangely enough I ate it yesterday for lunch, but I’m sure yours would be better, especially with such a lovely table setting

  17. Welcome back to the best coast! 🙂
    Soup recipe sounds interesting. I don’t like fish, I do like New England Clam Chowder though!
    I love those napkins, adorable! With 4 little gkids, manners are always a topic to be discussed!

    1. With kids, you can’t go wrong with this chowder, and it requires so little effort. The napkins have been a very fun way to reenforce manners.

  18. I remember while in Maine and everyone was eating their weight in lobster, I was eating the great haddock they had there as I am allergic to shellfish..this looks like a great recipe..fortunately I am not allergic to clams….love them…I can just imagine you and the family with your chowder sitting by the cozy fire….Life is good….

    1. I find the haddock to be such a versatile fish and am glad it’s plentiful here. Not so in Houston.

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