Each time I transition from Houston to Maine and back, I’m aware of the differences.

Houston is where I have lived for most of my adult life.  It is where many long time friends are and until recently, it was where most of my family resided.  I have had to get used to the absence of my mother and now Houston will seem emptier without one of my daughters. Houston is busy with so many distractions that it is often difficult to enjoy quiet time alone or with friends.

In contrast is Maine where life is, as the welcoming sign says, the way it should be. Here I love the simple things.

I love the smell of newly mowed grass and the clean white of Adirondacks.

I love the blooming flowers that are, in the words of my daughter, brave and outspoken.

I love the lilacs that are about to burst into bloom and fill the air with their sweetness

and the peony buds that are tight, waiting their chance to explode with color.

I love the sound of Pipe Dreams, with her promise of island exploration, as she rides up and down on the pier

I love the view outside my window and the clouds dropping soft rain that quiets my soul

 and keeps me inside reading by the fire. Yes, in June.

While it’s hard not to think about Houston being home, it does not have my heart the way Maine does.

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40 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. love the photos and now I want to go there too

  2. The flame on the left in the fireplace looks like a cat silhouette to me. Does it look like that to you?

    1. Dixie, now that you mention it, I see a cat too! (even two if you count the skinny alley cat on the right) 🙂

    2. Crazy, there are cats in the fire!

      1. . . .and the silhouette of an owl in the middle.

  3. Beautiful!
    (if it’s any consolation we had visitors for lunch today and sitting at the dining-room table were so cold I had to put the heating on too.. YES June!!! agh)

    We visited Maine a few summers ago and loved it! So peaceful on the lakes and such a contrast (understatement) from The Netherlands!

    Your view from the window is … wow!

    1. Having a fire is a delight considering it was in the 90’s when we left Houston.
      Come to Maine again!

      1. We would LOVE to and it’s on our list (but we have promised some friends in other countries a “first” visit first) so unless our one and only monthly lottery ticket comes good, a return trip to Maine will be a few years away yet.

      2. Be sure to come between June and November. (:

  4. Donna Minyard June 3, 2012 — 1:44 pm

    Sooooo beautiful!!!!! As the thermometer is rising in the hill country this looks so refreshing! I am looking forward to your posts from Maine!

    1. You should try it our for yourself!

  5. Rosemary Baxter June 3, 2012 — 1:57 pm

    Wonderful! Linda! Viva le difference!

  6. Have been wondering if you are settled in and can see that you are indeed. Lucky you– a fire–I am hoping we don’t have wildfires it is so hot in Houston. How is your garden? Save some of the veggies for me. Have a great summer! xo Sue

    1. Don’t know whether we are settled as we’ve been working our buns off since arriving. Maine requires much maintenance. Veggies waiting.

  7. Came across your blog today. I lived in Maine for 20+ years and too know its spell. It is the country’s best kep secret. . .

    1. It does seem more people are finding out about Maine which is both a good and bad thing! Where did you live?

  8. I see two cats too! Hotter than H here! lucky you

  9. What book are you reading by the fire and have those cats in the fireplace been neutered?

    1. If they weren’t neutered before, they are now!. Reading The Man in the Wooden Hat.

  10. shirley@housepitalitydesigns June 3, 2012 — 5:31 pm

    i so love Maine!….your view is amazing….and having a fire in June?…how wonderful to rest and decompress from the “big city”…to smell the beautiful fresh air and the Maine people with such kind and gentle hearts……and I am assuming that we will be enjoying dinner soon at the Camden Inn…such a culinary experience, not to mention a gracious inn….loved it there!

  11. Oh my goodness, I’ve always wanted to visit Maine, each picture I see is so beautiful. Your view looks awesome–the houses on the water is out of this world. The air I’m sure is so refreshing.

  12. I think I’d be more a Maine person than a Houston one. In the summer anyway. I don’t think I would make it through the winter.

    1. Weatherwise I don’t think the winters are much worse than I remember them being in NY, but it does get very quiet.

  13. It looks so beautiful and serene…and cooool!
    enjoy your time there..
    look forward to more ‘pictures from Maine’

  14. I love the welcome sign, just love it!
    And I can see why Maine holds onto you like it does.

    1. My garden grows better, too!

  15. Maine is the only state on the east coast that I have not visited (yet). A fire in June, hmm, I would not be happy to have to turn my heat back on, I needed to turn on the a/c! Thanks for stopping by. Lovely photos, two of my fave flowers: lilac and peony. xo

  16. SIGH! We vacationed in Maine last summer! I would love to live there EVERY summer! You are very very blessed! This would be my idea of a perfect summer!

    1. Yes, Maine is a very easy place to be. Where did you spend time?

  17. I’ve been enjoying reading through your blog! My husband is from Houston and I lived in Maine for a short while. While NC holds my heart, there will always be a special place in it for Maine! I would love to go back for a visit, especially would love to spend more time visiting the coastal towns. Beautiful and cozy looking photos! Following now. 🙂

  18. Just love your word picture descriptions! You are the best at painting them 🙂 Stay warm – Hugs, Carol

  19. I can only imagine. How pretty and calming!!!

  20. Beautiful and I love the idea of a fire on a cool night.

  21. Maine is on the list of retirement travels which are coming up pretty soon — and I can’t wait. I would assume you fly when you go back and forth? That is a problem for me. I am not scared of much but I REALLY HATE FLYING! This does tend to put a crimp in the travel. There is quite a lot of the USA I haven’t seen, and we plan to see as much as we can before we leave the country again. I enjoy your posts.

  22. I know you are busy with the opening of your lovely home. Unfortunately there is no sunshine. We just had an A/C unit put in the Maine cottage and instead of using it we have had to turn the heat back on. Let’s hope we get sun and warmth soon.

    1. No sunshine is right. I turned heat back on yesterday because it was 62 in the house, a tad chilly for me. After last summer’s little heat wave, the hubby bought a couple of AC units. Let’s hope not to have to use them a lot.

  23. I would feel so much more at home in Maine. I could never live too far away from the ocean. Love your beautiful photos.

  24. What an amazing post. Absolutely beautiful, Lulu!

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