As the nation’s fourth largest city, you can bet there’s always something going on in Houston.  No way can you do it all, but there are some events that draw huge crowds  because they are just plain fun.  This is certainly true of the annual Art Car Parade.

The parade explodes with creativity!

Four wheels

or two,


or little, it makes no difference.

The more flamboyant the better

and a sense of humor is a must!

You got wheels?  Come on and join the fun which is the real trademark of this event.

And what happens to these outrageous creations when the parade is over?  Some might end up at the Art Car Museum, one of Houston’s many venues that acknowledges art in a variety of mediums.  From time to time, you might even see one of the cars on a Houston street or at a special event, others who knows.  Wherever they end up, they’ve left a memory both for the folks who spent the hours creating them and the ones who enjoyed the spectacle.

11 thoughts on “Just Plain Fun

  1. We chanced upon the first art car parade 25 years ago, on Montrose, in front of Glassell School and have seen many since. The few cars were laced with Urban Animals skaters. My all time favorite is the homage to the SS Valdez, which trailed a 100′ long black visqueen oil slick flanked by suited lawyers throwing fake money at the crowd.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this!!! Ramon and I are supposed to travel to Houston for his family reunion some time in late June (I think…I’m having a hard time keeping up with our busy travel schedule this year!), and I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some of these cars! Cool!!!

  3. Those cars are so awesomely creative and some are downright hysterical…..what a parade of creativity and not to mention fun!!!…

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