Many Faces of White

Part of the fun of traveling or just eating away from home is paying attention to tables as you never know from where a new idea for your next tablescape is going to come.  Let’s take a look at some of the tables we’ve enjoyed our last few days traveling.

While most eateries use lots of white for dishes and linens, it is interesting to note the different presentations.

Here, a touch of color appears in the centerpiece, and while I’m sure the water bottles are not intended as part of the decor, their shape and color does add something to the overall effect.  I wouldn’t mind having one of those to add to my collection of bottles that so often appear on my own tables.

Look at how this charger adds a touch of glamor

and  a classic banded plate lends a quiet sophistication.

More playful on a white background are patterned plates

as are ones with interesting shapes.  Hmmm, I like what’s on this plate, too!

Here, I have no idea what the dishes will be, but I am wondering what will go in all these glasses and thinking how glad I am not to have to wash them!  Whatever the table setting I’m betting on a more contemporary look if the shape of the utensils and the simple silver napkin ring are any indication.

So you see, just as we all are different so are the many ways of preparing a table.

I can’t wait to take a look at Let’s DishTablescape  Thursday and Thursday Favorite Things for further inspiration!

22 thoughts on “Many Faces of White

  1. So fun seeing all the settings and glasses! The last photo looks a pairing/tasting is soon to be under way! Food looks more appetizing on white plates, but I’m so drawn to color & pattern in dishes 🙂

  2. I enjoyed seeing all these gorgeous tables, Lulu!

  3. Hi Lulu!
    Very pretty! I think I have the plates with the flowers, they are by Villeroy and Boch.
    Thanks so much for linking to Let’s Dish!
    Mother’s Day Challenge this Wed at 7! 🙂

  4. lovely table settings. Those flower plates are so pretty. Hugs and thank you for joining in the hop fun. xo

  5. Looks like you’re having some serious dining fun there. Have a great weekend

  6. I love the freedom a white background gives you. Thanks for showing us how some of the pros do it.

  7. I love to start with a white background and build color and texture to suit the occasion. Those fancy gold chargers are so beautiful and elegant.

  8. I love your photos! The minute the food arrives we are hopping up and taking photos. I know a lot of the waiters and waitresses think we are nuts. I just love it when they use unusual plates like the freeform one or those fabulous glass chargers! WE just ooh and aah over things like that. That must be part of where my obsession with gorgeous plates comes from!!!

  9. Lulu, thanks so much for sharing your restaurant travels with us. I just love seeing how different places do their tables. I want those flowered plates. So pretty!

  10. Fabulous and beautiful tables! I love the glass chargers with the gold stripes. Thank you so much my dear for sharing these images. Lots of hugs,

  11. My favorite is the one with the glamorous charger. That’s fantastic.

  12. It is fun to see different tables are restaurants or special events. I love seeing the unusual shapes like that one Alycia calls a bone shape! It’s fun to be served with a little pizzazz!

  13. I can see I am not the only one who brings a camera to dinner out! These are all very elegant settings, and those bottles of water are amazing!

  14. We would have to meet somewhere fun.. San Antonio, Fredricksburg.. OOh what fun we would have!!! Love the white tables you showed. White is still so classic and wonderful. I love how you can get so many different moods from white! Have a great weekend.. xo marlis

    1. Frederickburg would be good. There are some very cool shops with great things for the table there.

  15. All that creativity! White is definitely a color and I love to play with the different shades and textures of it. Thank you for sharing!!

  16. Now I am hungry! White can be so elegant, it’s true, and the food really pops on a white plate.

  17. I NEED that last kind of bone-shaped plate in my inventory!!!!! That would be so cool for serving so many things!!! It IS interesting how tables are set at different restaurants or events. I always pay a lot of attention to it and make mental notes. The last photo with all the wine glasses reminds me of a lot of the tables that I set at home. My friends and I love our wines with dinner!!! And yes, I always have to wash each one by hand! I’m so blitzed by that time, I don’t even care!!! 😉

    1. I thought the same thing. I didn’t think of the plates as “boney”, but that’s a good description.

  18. What gorgeous tables! LOVE those glass charges with the gold!

  19. Great presentations and so many good ideas!…Christine

  20. shirley@housepitalitydesigns May 2, 2012 — 9:22 pm

    Wow…those setting are gorgeous!!! Especially love those gold chargers!

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