Let’s Go!

Along with the other junk mail that arrives daily are brochures promoting exotic adventure. Most of these I overlook and they go right to the recycling bin. Occasionally, however, something comes along that tweaks an interest.


Like this one, a small boat cruise along the coast of Portugal, Spain and France with a special emphasis on food and art with a bit of history thrown in. Now, that could be interesting so let’s go.


First stop is a quick one in Lisbon with just enough time to catch up on sleep


and visit the Castelo S. George with its beautiful views


and a show off peacock.


Have you ever been close to a peacock when it releases its tail feathers?


The sound is pretty amazing and with every turn and movement the feathers rustle and whir.
I was fascinated and couldn’t resist taking photo after photo of this preening male. Also, I couldn’t help noticing how unimpressed the female birds were by his strutting. Hmm, I wonder if there’s a message here!

Brief as the visit to Lisbon was, it was time enough to determine there is a museum for everything from coaches to archaeology to tiles to art and that every flat surface is a display for grafitti.

Now it’s time to board Le Boreal for the adventures that are ahead.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Go!

  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! Gorgeous photos of that peacock~ I’ve never been close enough to capture one! Too bad those lady peacocks were less than impressed with his proud display of plumage 🙂

  2. I wish I had the travel bug. I am so scared to fly, and I hate packing and sleeping in strange places. Something must be wrong with me! I do, however, enjoy living vicariously through others! That peacock is beautiful! I love the shot of all the buildings over Lisbon. Interesting how they all kind of resemble each other.

    1. Stay with me. We’ve lots more to see.

  3. I’m sure this was a great trip. Look forward to seeing you and Phil soon and hearing more about the trip and seeing more pictures. Tom

  4. shirley@housepitalitydesigns April 25, 2012 — 8:51 am

    How wonderful…!!!!

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