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Round TopWhen it comes to antiques, Round Top is to Texas what Brimfield is to Massachusetts.  Both are huge shows drawing vendors and buyers from all over the country.  In Texas, the big show occurs early in April and October.

Now, I’m not much of a shopper at these events because there is just too much to see, and I am easily overwhelmed.  I didn’t want you all to miss out though, so I spent a few hours at Round Top browsing the fields, tents and barns finding things to suit a variety of tastes.

Some of you are sure to have a whimsical side, and it would be fun to see what you’d do

antiqueswith this

crinolinesor with these crisply starched crinolines

antiquesor with  these guys who sold early for $600 each.

Many of you may have a liking for all things French, and you wouldn’t have been disappointed at the abundance of items in this category.

antiquesHow could you not like this clock large enough for anyone to see

antiquesor these bottles  that have such a variety of uses? My camera died before I could take more photos of the French style, but If you want to see more really great French country items, visit here.

antiquesSpeaking of bottles, my weakness, take a look at these old  (and very heavy) seltzer bottles in great colors and priced at $60 each. These were the only things I saw for which there was no price flexibility.  Rats because I’d like to have had one in each color!

antiquesOf course, there was lots of furniture ranging from primitive to very fine pieces, but what caught my eye were those  that looked like they would fit in any decor.

antiquesParticularly interesting were hand built creations combining wood and industrial elements.  Wouldn’t this make a great coffee table?

There’s so much more to see, but I’ll save it for another day.  Before checking out, however, I have to share the biggest surprise.

Round Top pottyNo port-a-potties here!  No sir, we have special design trailers

Round Top pottycomplete with AC and a lounge for those who have worn themselves out.  Now, can you beat that?

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10 thoughts on “Antiquing for You

  1. They use those porto potties here for outdoor weddings. They disguise them with lattice and flowers galore!
    I am not much into antiques, but the dishes and glasses would be fun. Alma went to Brimfield last Fall.

  2. I love hunting for great finds 🙂 thanks for sharing

  3. What happened to the lady in the screen door?

  4. Wow…you would feel like a rock star every time you have to go potty! Those are some trailers!!! I would have a ball playing with all those cool things, especially the crinolines and the bottles! You know me, though…I’d probably have the bicycle up on a table as a centerpiece!!!!

    1. I thought of you at every turn!

  5. shirley@housepitalitydesigns April 10, 2012 — 7:05 am

    I have a friend who has been to Round Top many times..she wants to go back soon…You may have some house guests!!…She sold her beautiful linens last year at Brimfield…..She said that Round Top is the absolute best of the best…thank you for presenting these wonderful treasures! I so love Texas!

    1. Round Top is a great opportunity for girl bonding.

  6. I aspire one day to get to Round Top but then wonder how I’d get everything back to Maine. Your pictures make it look better than Brimfield. And leave it to the Texans to have fancy trailers for porta potties. Not holding my breath for the frugal New Englanders to convert.

    1. You would love it…sou ds like something we better plan.

  7. Such fun! I had to laugh when I saw all of my photos…all the same color palette! Very French. 🙂

    Glad you got to go!

    P.S. My blog link is:

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