OK, I have to know, readers.  Do you watch Dancing With the Stars and were you blown away by Monday night’s premier?  As I’ve written before, it is one of the very few TV shows I look forward to, and the  performances opening Season 14 completely wowed me.  In no previous season has the first night dancing been better as indicated by the judge’s scores.  Nines on the first go….amazing!

Surprisingly, there wasn’t a really bad dancer in the group, and if history repeats itself each celebrity will get better as the weeks go on which means the judges are going to have a very hard time weeding anyone out.  Audience voting will likely play a huge part in who stays and who goes.

Based on first performances,  Roshon is going to be hard to beat.  He is Michael Jackson with his loose joints, great moves and tremendous energy plus he had the audience dancing in their seats.  He may have to tone down the hiphop element in his approach to please Len, and I’m betting that will happen as he gets into the groove of ballroom dancing.

Katherine Jenkins is a thing of beauty and is likely to get very high marks from the judges.  I can’t imagine the waltz not being a dance made for her.  She’s a classical singer with a Marilyn Monroe look which makes for an interesting contrast.

William Levy will be around for a long time and not just for his skills on the dance floor. Women will keep him in with their votes.  I mean, hot is hot and we girls have no problem with that!

Jaleel and Donald may not make it to the end, but they have great moves and are only going to get better.

Gladys Knight made my heart sing by exceeding all expectations, and the audience loved her.  Talk about some moves!

Martina Navratilova, have you ever seen such a transformation?  Who knew she could be so glamorous, and I have to confess I’m pulling for her to stay in the competition because she is one of my on court heroes.

Melissa, Gavin, Maria, Sherri, Jack?  They did OK, too, but I’m not sure they have what it takes to stay in the competition.  Of course, I’ve been fooled before when audience response has ousted a better dancer for the more popular participant so we’ll just have to see how the competition unfolds.

You can bet I’ll be watching.  How about you?

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3 thoughts on “WOW(ed)

  1. I just watched my DVRed “DWTS” this morning, and I’m STILL trying to pick my jaw up off the floor! That William Levy is so lip-smackin’ gorgeous! My goodness gracious! That body, that face, that voice…that M-A-N!!! OK…cooling down now! 🙂 I thought pretty much everyone did a good job and really had to take my hat off for 67-year-old Gladys Knight whose moves put some of the young ones to shame. Katherine Jenkins was a dream on the dance floor! I thought Jaleel White did a great job, too, and will do nothing but improve. I wasn’t so much into Donald and Roshon because their dancing didn’t stay true to the Cha-Cha-Cha, but they no doubt have mad skills. For me, like Len Goodman, they’ll have to reel it in to get my vote. I was SHOCKED when I saw Martina!!! She looked so…so….good!!! Really, really pretty! Who knew? She has a great body for a 54-year-old. I’m her age and don’t look HALF as good! Great to see Jack Wagner out there. He’s still a very handsome fellow. I think the worst dancer by far was poor little Gavin. He’s a sweet kid and all (and a marvelous singer!), but the child has NO rhythm and is very robotic. I predict that he will be the first to go home. I’ve got to remember to actually tune in when the show is broadcast so that I can vote each week. This is going to be a tough year with all those talented dancin’ feet on there! 🙂

  2. This is a great season…Have not picked my favorite yet…Loved Katherine Jenkins…but William he’s the one to “really watch”…

  3. I, too, thought they were all fabulous. The energy was high in the audience as well. Looking forward to next week.

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