The Apple Hype is Real!

For weeks people passed by this black shrouded construction site wondering what was going on.  Then, word got out that it was a new Apple store, the first stand alone of the eight Houston locations, scheduled to open March 16 to coincide with the release of the new iPad.

All the mystery of the construction had people talking, and having just fininshed reading Steve Jobs and learning of the attention to detail that went into the Apple buildings, I was curious to see what response this new location would generate.  With the hubby saying, “You aren’t really going to do this are you?”, I hopped in my car shortly before midnight  and headed on over.

I was not the first person there by any means.  People, everyone with a camera of some kind, were already there recording the unveiling of the building.

Some, hoping to be first in the morning line, had chosen their spot for the night.  I couldn’t resist asking why.  One group said they just wanted a free tee shirt, another looked at me in surprise and said, “Don’t you know this is an event?”  Hmmm, that put me in my place.

Inside and out, people were working late in a frantic effort to get everything ready for the morning.  Just getting all the products set up for people to try looked like a monumental task that would keep employees there until the wee hours.

Thinking that the morning would be utter madness, I hadn’t planned to go back, but having stirred the flame of curiosity, I couldn’t resist.

Crazy!  The line surrounded the building, and the crowd was being worked into a frenzy by hooting’ and hollering’ Apple staff.  Again, cameras were out recording the activity as if it were a moment in history….maybe it was!

Finally, at 8:00 sharp, the doors opened

and visitors were welcomed with high fives and a tee shirt packaged in a perfect little gift box, nothing left to chance here.

In moments, the store was packed, everyone excited to be part of the craziness.

How about me?  Well, I had no intentions of standing for hours in the line and I had dashed over without so much as running a comb through my hair so my thought was to come back later when things had settled down and I was more presentable.  Just as I was leaving, a smiling Apple gal asked if I didn’t want to come in.  How could I resist when there were still hundreds of people waiting in line?

And, because of her courtesy, I just HAD to join all of the others who were buying a brand new iPad to replace my original!

All in all, the happening was great fun, and it blows me away how people respond to the Apple hype.  It is no accident their products are so successful.

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5 thoughts on “The Apple Hype is Real!

  1. After looking at the pictures I’m roaring with laughter that you were worried you hadn’t combed your hair! I think you should have considered adding a tattoo in honor of the event… Looks like a lot of fun!

    1. I might have to change my image a bit and knock off a few years to go to work for Apple!

  2. I love everything Apple….When I told my hubby that I wanted to sell some existing stocks and buy apple at $250..he said, how much can it go up?…I think it is at peak this year…HE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO ME!!!…

  3. We live on Galveston Island any thought of traveling to HOUSTON for a new ipad were
    daunting. our little AT&T store had them,so we purchased TWO of them yesterday to replace
    our Ipad 1’s The Hype is indeed REAL. Apple stock in our two year old grand son’s account
    will be sending him to the college of his choice. THANK YOU APPLE for the opportunity
    you have offered our world! We are an all APPLE FAMILY. That same baby got his first iPAD
    at 14 months! ON his Ipad2 by now. He speaks two languages, reads, all thanks to APPLE!

    1. Wow, you make quite a case for Apple. My only regret is not having more stock than I do. May the bubble not burst!

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