Overnight Miracles

Here we are, the end of February, not much to date in the way of winter weather, little sunshine in recent weeks, yet overnight spring has sprung in Houston.

Bare limbed redbuds woke up this morning newly dressed,

azaleas that a few hours ago were tightly budded are popping with blooms,

gardens are alive with color that only God can give,

bird songs fill the air and robins stop for a bite to eat as they travel on to  their final destination.

Now, as much as I like all this new beauty, it is a harbinger of what is right behind.  It won’t be long before cars take on a yellow haze, every outdoor surface will be covered with pollen and most of us will be experiencing headaches and stuffy noses until the air clears.  On top of all this, we may well have a humdinger of a mosquito season due to warm temperatures and much rain recently.  Oh well, that’s Houston, and we take what it offers.

Any signs of spring your way?

i love your thoughts, so jump right in and share yours

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22 thoughts on “Overnight Miracles

  1. Isn’t Spring the most wonderful miracle of rebirth and colors to delight us? Thanks for your sweet visit.

  2. Oh those flowers are gorgeous!
    We have as much color now as Maine does, so that would be zilch! 🙂
    But eventually, it will come.
    As for your post about your town, I have always lived on Long Island so I can’t really say. I went to college in Ohio for 4 years, and one year of grad school near Philly, but I wouldn’t chose either place over LI.
    50 x100 lots are common on LI, as the land is so expensive. The island is only 120 miles long by 20 miles wide. My sister who lives in Tx says she couldn’t afford to move back here. She can’t believe the prices compared to Tx.
    So, I guess we bloom where we grow!

    1. Did you get any of the snow that hit the northeast last week? That’s sure to put a stop to blooms! You are right, Kathleen, about blooming where we grow. This neighborhood has certainly provided opportunity for that.

  3. Those photos really perked me up. Our crocuses are up, but the forsythia hasn’t bloomed yet. The birdies are singing, though. That’s a good sign.

    1. I try to get to Maine before the forsythia is gone. That is something we don’t have here, and I do love it.

  4. Fabulous colours, so intense, they have certainly brightened my day!

  5. You really don’t want to know about New England right now. We had seven inches of snow overnight and it is supposed to snow all day. I expect Maine will get about the same. At least it is March and the snow won’t last long. Love your beautiful photos.

    1. the snow is late in coming and will at least make it seem that winter happened.

      1. You are right…no snow on the ground in February was truly amazing.

  6. Oh my! Spring has certainly sprung in your neck of the woods! Love the picture of the tulip with the other spring bloomers.

    1. Aren’t the intense colors a joy?

  7. I am a little jealous of all that color. We have had a really mild Winter here in Kansas and my Tulips have started to pop up. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Everything looks so beautiful! I can’t wait until that starts here. I’ll even be happy just to see leaves on the trees!

    visiting from the Mother Nature linky party! : )

  9. I don’t know what is prettier – the actual flowers and the bird themselves, or the photography. Both are fantastic! I am a bit jealous and have some Spring fever just looking at this post. My yellow jasmine has started to bloom but thats about it. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty real soon. Thanks so much for joining up with my Wild About MOther Nature #2 Party. I appreciate the support and kindness. Blessings, Barb

  10. Linda, gorgeous pics! That is the best picture of a robin I’ve ever seen. What camera, lens , and settings did you use? I would be interested. I am trying to learn.

    We are a little ahead of you in Alabama. I have had all the above for a month now. Everything is way ahead of schedule. Yes, the time ahead will be interesting.

    1. Bonnie, the first 3 photos were taken with my iPhone using an app Camera+ which allows a bit of depth of field. In the edit mode I used backlit. The robin was taken with my trusty Olympus and I was playing around with f stops. The bird was remarkably cooperative.

  11. OMG! Houston in March is like Dallas in April! So Beautiful…

  12. I think the azaleas are going to be “spot on” for the Azalea Trail this year! The ones receiving more sun are out the most now, and some are looking like they are ready to explode, so this weekend should be wonderful. I’ve been keeping track of my amaryllis for a few years and they always begin blooming the first week of April, regardless of how much or how little cold weather we get. They are watching the calendar!

    1. I think you are right….plants and trees have an amazing way of rebirthing themselves.

  13. Geez Louise!!!! Spring really HAS sprung there!!! The flowers are gorgeous! Your dianthus comes back? It just dies off here….never to be seen again unless you plant some more! Great photography, Linda! What’s this about a “yellow haze” that covers cars? The pollen is really that thick?!?!??!!! Oh, my goodness! That can’t be good! My allergies would be totally out of control!!! Ramon and I will actually be in Houston in July of this year for his family reunion. (Ugh!) 😦 Come rescue me from his family!!!!! 🙂

    1. Noooooo, not July when I won’t be in Houston!

  14. Oh, I am so jealous!!…I miss my azaleas that I had in North Central Fla….I had them all over my yard, to the point where someone had snapped a picture of my front yard and it appeared on a trade magazine..You have some beauties!…

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