How Special is This!

My definition of a special friend is one who invites you for dinner on Valentine’s, which I can assure you is a great relief to the hubby, doesn’t have you bring any part of the meal and sets a beautiful table.

Every detail is perfect from the white linen placemats to the candlewick and thumbprint plates, which are just the right touch for Valentine’s,

to the etched stemware, which you can never have too much of to suit me.

A touch of whimsy is in the gaily colored heart shaped boxes,

the colors of which are picked up in the flowers and the candies strewn on the table.

Even the colors in the dining room were perfect for the occasion, and the effort that went into the evening made me feel special and appreciative of a very good friend.

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15 thoughts on “How Special is This!

  1. Beautiful setting. And it has a warm feel as well.

  2. Wow, you are very lucky! Your friend set a beautiful table. Love the nontraditional colors, and everything is gorgeous from the plates to the flatware to the stemware!

  3. What an absolutely beautiful dining table…so special for a romantic evening. It’s so nice having wonderful friends.

  4. That IS a good friend!!! Hip, hip, hooray for friends like that!!!

  5. WOW!! Is this friend free to help me decorate my home? Absolutely beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful table and special friend to invite you to join the celebration! Swoon worthy stems~ just sipping water from them elevates it to a new & delicious flavor!

  7. Beautifully elegant…I have the matching wine stems to the thumbprint plates.

  8. A beautiful dinner party for special, beloved friends. I use the ruby glass plates on my table fairly often…they are so classically beautiful. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  9. What a great friend! How fun that LLH Designs recognizes the room! I love the thumbprint plates. It is just a perfect setting for Valentine’s Day. Hope you had a wonderful day!

    1. Indeed, and LLH is lucky to have been treated in that room more than once.

  10. I’d recognize that red dining room anywhere! Everything she does is lovely! xo!

  11. Delightful table. What a sweet talented friend. I love all the crystal ! I am very fond of etched crystal and are her candlewick and thumbprint plates are perfect together and a great Valentine selection. The heart boxes of candy stacked are a great focal point and the small heart candy strewn on the table picking up the flower colors pull everything together so nicely.

    This is one of those tables that makes you want to have a dinner party next Valentine’s Day.

    You are blessed with great friends in Texas and Maine.

    1. How right you are, Bonnie, and I treasure every o e of those friends.

  12. shirley@housepitalitydesigns February 16, 2012 — 10:03 am

    How special is that?…VERY SPECIAL!!…The table is exquisitely set for romance. Each piece is beautiful down to the linen placemats..There has got to be a more elegant name for placemats when they are go gorgeous..not a “mat at all”…it is like a frame that surrounds a beautiful painting..hmm..will have to come up with a new name….

    Thank you for presenting your special Valentine’s dinner with special friends….

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