We Are Lunch Bunch!

Once upon a time we were young moms expending energy as room mothers, coaches, team moms, PTO presidents, community volunteers.  We became acquainted volunteering at school, watching our kids play Little League and softball, cheering them on at field day or special day performances, organizing dance lessons and chaperoning parties.

Now, years have passed, kids are grown.  Our wrinkles are showing, some of us are thicker, a few have gray hair, most of us are grandmothers.  We are wiser, more comfortable with who we are. Most of all, we are friends who gather once each month to share stories, offer support through times good and bad, laugh and sometimes cry.  We are bound by our shared history and it matters not whether we see each other frequently or just at our monthly lunch gatherings.  We know that we offer one another something special, the gift of friendship.  I couldn’t be more grateful.

Tell me, how do you nurture your long time relationships?

10 thoughts on “We Are Lunch Bunch!

  1. You are blessed to still be living where you have so many friends with whom you have shared so much personal history. I have wonderful groups of friends in the various places I have lived, but getting together with them requires a lot of travel & planning. However, I am able to keep in touch via email & phone calls …. and manage to see most of them a few times each year. Just back from DC where my book group that has been together since 1970 gathered for a day. The core group who remained in DC has continued to meet monthly while we who moved read the selections & try to be there for the discussion a few times a year. Last week…all of the original members were present!!

  2. Thanks, I knew there had to be great organizers in place.

  3. Bonnie, once each year we sign up for a month to hostess. Since there are so many of us, there are at least 5 hostesses/lunch. Hostesses pick a date and place which can be a restaurant or someone’s home, and the meal is most often catered. A few brave souls sign up together and prepare the lunch which ends up being a great bonding time. It’s always fun to go to a restaurant, but the turnout is generally bigger when we meet at someone’s home. Oh, we have one person who is good enough to maintain a database and send the e-vite.

  4. So nice you can do that!
    I always worked so I didnt have the luxury of lunches out. Weekends were filled with chores, sports and church.
    I do have long term friendships though. Grade school, high school, college , work, I taught in the same school for 33 years! One of my best friends is my hospital roomie when we both had our sons. I think email has made it very easy to keep in touch!
    I was always the party giver growing up, so some of the boys from our 8 th grade class contacted me recently to ask me to organize a reunion. Should be fun!
    Lol about the gray hair! I think we would all be gray without the magic of hair color!

    I hope your lunches continue for many , many years!

    1. We had/have many gals in the group who work, but for these gatherings they make an effort to stop by even if just for a minute.

  5. That is amazing! So many and so often! All of you have to be special to keep up so well. Tell us the details on how you get together? Do you meet the same day each month? The same place? It works so well I am interested in the hows because this is amazing.

  6. Well put, Linda. Thanks for sharing. It has been great to be part of this group all these years.

  7. Wow! That’s a pretty good-sized group!!! I’m amazed and enthralled that so many of you still get together on a regular basis! You all have so much history among you…it has got to be fun as well as a really therapeutic way to live from day to day. You know how so many people make acquaintances along the way in life but just sort of lose touch once the core connection is lost. For you guys to have done it for so long and with such enthusiasm and loyalty is really quite a feat! (Cue rabid applause.) I have 2 friends with whom I share a luncheon table about 4 times a year. One I have known since 6th grade, the other since the first day of high school. It’s something I look forward to every time we decide our busy schedules are going to mesh.

    1. What is amazing is that so many of us still live in the same area and are able to stay in touch. I think we all know how privileged we are to have maintained contact for so long.

  8. shirley@housepitalitydesigns February 13, 2012 — 8:17 pm

    Oh my!!..what a great group of friends with such a history…I have remained so close to my friends since jr. high…Growing up together, raising our families, going through life’s ups and downs..but always there for each other…My best friends are far away now, since we relocated to be closer to our granddaughter; however, we “talk” every day as if there are no miles separating us..I have since developed a beautiful circle of friends where I live now..We laugh together, sometimes cry together, but in the end we are there for each other…I cannot imagine life without the blessings of friends and family. Thank you for sharing your great group of friends…So very special!

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