FLIPBOARD is one of my favorite iPad APPs.  With the swipe of a finger you can get tidbits from news to sports to entertainment to Oprah to photography or  anything in between.  Today I spotted info on things that might cost more or less in 2012.  Interested?


Things that are likely to cost less:

  • Homes, bad news for anyone hoping to sell a house in 2012 but good news for those who are hoping to buy this year.
  • Tablets which may be good news considering how prices dropped as competition got stiffer, but with a new iPad supposed to come out early this year, will it make any difference?
  • Car rentals thanks to an overabundance of cars and steep competition among rental car companies.  Hmmm, maybe it will be cheaper to rent rather than drive your own car!
  • HDTVs due to lower prices for big screen models which means smaller screen prices will also fall.  Since I don’t watch much TV, this matters little to me.
  • Ultrabook computers, some prices of which may be half of the release price.  I wonder if this might be true for the MacBook Air.  I’ll be watching.

Things that are likely to cost more:

  • Meat and seafood, said to be a combination of increased demand and rising fuel costs.  This may be a good reason to eat more veggies.
  • Clothing, particularly those items made from cotton because of the crop shortfall last year.  It looks like another reason why my wardrobe may not be replenished.
  • Airfare, which is no surprise as airlines struggle to stay afloat.  One thing’s for sure, higher fares are not likely to mean better service.
  • Coffe thanks to higher wholesale prices which rose 18% last year.  That may mean replacing Starbuck or Dunkin’ Donuts lattes with ones made at home!
  • Gas, again!  Tensions in the Middle Eat once more threaten oil prices meaning a greater need for domestic production to increase and for us to find alternative energy sources.
  • Mail as the price of a stamp has recently increased from 44 cents to 45 cents.  If the postal service didn’t have so much junk mail to deliver, I wonder if it could stay in business considering the alternative ways we use to communicate, pay bills, etc.

So, there you have it.  It sounds like we better be careful with our pennies and look for ways to stretch them effectively.  Suggestions?

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9 thoughts on “Flipping Through

  1. Hmmm…just got a MacBook Air several months ago…I love it!!…

    Home sales..yes bad news, but if you sell your house for less, then you buy one for much less too..does that make sense?..but then again, selling a house in this market can take forever!..Hanging on to ours for a long while…Just have to make my Starbucks at home..will just have to pass on when out..Dunkin Donuts a great alternative..and in Maine, there is a Dunkin Donuts on every corner…I loved that!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I am addicted to coffee, so I guess I will continue to spend more on it. Meat and fish, I guess I could become vegetarian, not travel, and wear the same old clothes. Maybe I should go and buy a house. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  3. Always looking for a way to keep within the household budget. Apps with helpful tips is a good way to keep up with the latest prices of basics to make our best choices. I hope I won’t have to give up my morning DD.
    Great share.

  4. Yes, the things we need to live and feed our families are soaring. I was going to get flounder, but at 8.00 a lb, I passed.
    I never buy coffee out, buying coffee and making it is expensive enough. My son and dil have 4 kids and dil was just saying how much their grocery bill for basics has gone up, and they shop at Costco.
    As for the ipad, it is not easy to blog from it. To leave a comment on non blogger blogs takes 3 steps.
    Enjoy your Sunday! The sun is out, it’s above freezing and I am happy!

  5. Darn it seems like the only good news deals with the fringe benefits or extras- would be nice for good news to be happening for the necessities of life.

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