Magical and Mysterious

When I am in Maine during the winter, as soon as my eyes open I look to the harbor in the hope of seeing sea smoke, a phenomenon that is both magical and mysterious.  What causes it?  Sea smoke, or arctic steam fog, is a cloud over the sea, which could otherwise be called fog, and is usually formed when very cold air  moves over warmer water.

In nine years of hoping, I’ve not been lucky enough to witness sea smoke on Rockport Harbor first hand, but thanks to my friend and renowned photographer Peter Ralston I have just experienced it from afar. He was kind enough to send these photos taken a few days ago, and with his permission I am sharing them with you so you can enjoy the wonder of sea smoke.

In the distance you can glimpse Indian Island which can be seen in another season here.

If you are familiar with my postings from Maine, you may remember that Indian Island is at the mouth of Rockport Harbor and is the sight that welcomes me home.

And here are the lobster boats, which recently appeared here, shrouded in sea smoke.

How Peter always happens to be in the right place at the right time with his camera amazes me, and for these photos I’m so glad he was.  I’m betting that with his incredible printing skills, these shots will become beautiful prints available from his Rockport gallery.

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19 thoughts on “Magical and Mysterious

  1. I am so glad you all enjoyed glimpses of sea smoke. Aren’t we lucky Peter Ralston captured it so beautifully?

  2. I remember that day well–viewed it from North Haven

  3. Fabulous Linda, thanks so much for sharing!! xx

  4. Magical & Mysterious Indeed~ I would love to see the sea smoke in person! What a beautiful awe-inspiring place~ I would love to visit!

  5. Oh, these photos are so wonderful! Sea smoke…how poetic. 🙂

  6. I had never heard of sea fog…but it is absolutely beautiful. Your friend’s pictures are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing then with all of us. genie

    1. I’m still hoping to see sea smoke first hand, but the photos do depict it nicely. Glad you enjoyed them.

  7. How beautiful. I wouldn’t mind getting up early to see something like this 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh, how I wish I were there this winter – it’s so magical 🙂
    Wow! His pics are stunning! I especially love the third one…

  9. I love the sea fog….amazing images!!!

    My Wednesday post: UNDER THE SEA

  10. These misty and stormy scenes are dynamite.
    Joyce M

  11. Such a stormy scene!

    Whiteout, for outdoor wednesday.

  12. Lulu, I really enjoyed your friends photos…just lovely. I have been catching up with all of your posts as I have been away. Actually, I was thinking about you as I was in Texas taking care of my mother. Flew in and out of Houston Hobby and spent my time in Sugar Land. No fun sightseeing or good Texas food this time.

  13. What awesome pictures!!! I have neighbors who take their boat up the Intracoastal every May and summer on it in the northeast, then return late September. Their boat is named Sea Smoke. I’m sure they would love to see the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Pretty special. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh what beautiful magical misty pictures of the ocean. They are stunning. Thanks so much for your sweet visit to my tabletop last week!

  16. Fabulous! The mist, the sea, the boats. it’s all so evocative and dreamy. and thankyou to your friend Peter for sharing the photos with us 🙂

  17. Wow! What fabulous photos.I have never heard of sea fog. So neat! Thanks so much for bringing your post to Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

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