Eating Right….the Challenge

Like most people I know, I like to eat, but as I get older food is doing things to me.  Fact is, my waist is getting thicker despite the fact that over the years I’ve exercised consistently and eaten fairly healthy.  Maybe all that went into my body wasn’t organic and, yes, there was some food coloring,  high fructose corn syrup and preservatives along the way, but until folks like Jamie Oliver started making us more aware of what we eat, that was the way of things.

So, if eating healthy still results in weight gain, what does one do?  I am not one who supports fad diets or likes to count calories, but something’s got to change.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

1.  Cut back on sugar, a no brainer, right?  Not for me because it’s always sugar I have a craving for which means I have it in some form or other every day.  I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like, so passing them by will be a challenge.  Hmmm, now that I think about it wine with dinner may also have to go because it converts to sugar.  Who said sacrifice is fun!

2.  Eat breakfast, a meal that is very easy to skip, but nutritionists say it’s most important.  Cereal every day isn’t going to cut it, so I’m going to have to find some other easy to fix things, and that doesn’t mean donuts or pancakes or waffles….oh, what am I thinking?

3.  Eat more Greek yogurt.  I’ve heard it reduces belly fat, and mixed with fruit, it just may satisfy some of the sugar craving.  Besides, eating more yogurt would be a lot easier than sit-ups.

 4.  Load up on healthy snacks for those times between meals when the stomach is growling.  Hopefully, that doesn’t mean giving up a fingerful of peanut butter mid afternoon.  My husband wouldn’t know what to think if I didn’t have peanut butter breath when he comes home!

5.  Reduce portion size at dinner which likely means more dinners at home.  With just 2 of us in the house now, that may mean finding creative ways to use leftovers as I find it very hard to prepare small quantities.  Maybe another idea would be to have company each evening so there would be no leftovers.  

Well, that’s about all I can handle for now.  Tell me, what rules do you have for yourself when it comes to food and weight control?

i love your thoughts, so jump right in and share yours

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15 thoughts on “Eating Right….the Challenge

  1. I have a perfect idea!!! Keep doing what you love to do…cooking fabulous and yummy meals and send the leftovers to work with Phil for me!!! haha! Miss and love you! I guess we will have to change our Mango Margarita night to Vodka/soda night or tequila over ice with lime? Hmmmm…we will have to get creative with a tasty no sugar drink! I am on the Master Cleanse now! Day 3! Trying to eat healthy too once I complete this monster of a cleanse! XOXO

  2. In Germany (and likely other places too) they say “eat like a king in the morning and like a pauper in the evening” – load up in the morning when you need energy for the day and NOT in the evening when you’re heading for bed. Good advice, along with the other hints.

    1. Hmmm, I should have eaten a bigger breakfast!

  3. More vegetables, more fruits, and portion control. Wine is a fruit, right?

  4. OK Rose, I’m off to lift weights….again!

  5. I agree with Dixie – changing up the exercise really seems to work. I added weight lifting to my life two months ago and am finally seeing a little bit of results. Cutting back here and there will help for sure. And eat that greek yogurt for breakfast! 🙂

  6. I had myself thoroughly tested for metabolic reasons why weight loss was hard. I’m insulin resistant/mildly diabetic, so meds were in order. (You have to ask for insulin levels with the glucose levels). You might also have low thyroid.
    I had a metabolic rate measured and it takes a whopping 989 calories a day to keep me alive. (most of your calories go to keeping the organ systems working). Everything else I have to exercise off just to stay even!

    Also, you are a good exerciser, but you body is used to your exercise. You may need to change it up. Zumba, anyone?

    Ripe fruits are actually sweeter than cookies. Pair a carb with a protein to minimize impact.

    Deke and I often split entrees (and leave a nicer tip).


    1. Are you going to help me convince P to eat half portions?

  7. diet? you have the mammy luna gene, nothing will work. carry on!

    1. Omigosh, that means I’ll just get rounder.

  8. I’m a big girl, so it’s hard for me to “weigh in” on this issue, Linda! 🙂 I was a size 4 just 15 short years ago when we lived in the city and I would race walk/run every day. We moved to the ‘burbs 7 years ago, and now I’m lumbering around with all this extra weight, unable to run or squeeze into snug places like I used to. When I have a seat, so does my muffin top…right on top of my thighs! I like to cook, and I like to eat. Food has always been something “fun”…so much so that I can remember the delight of “cooking” and “eating” fake food as a child in my Mattel kitchen! When I had my shop, the display room was filled with displays that had all kinds of yummy-looking fake food from wedding cakes (mmmmm…cake!) to cocktails. I literally could not stop thinking about food!!! I applaud your efforts. I’ve made some changes here and there, so at least I’ve stabilized if nothing else. Leftovers are important to have around since I don’t always have time to cook everyday, so one thing I have found that helps is to serve up the plates and then immediately put the food in the fridge. Not real likely I’m going to pull it back out for seconds! I also store leftovers in the downstairs refrigerator. Again….not so likely to pull ’em back out! 🙂

    1. I totally get it, Alycia. I love to cook and try new recipes. When we travel I’m always thinking about the next meal and excited to see what it will be. I do think this whole issue of weight has something to do with getting older, but then doesn’t everything!

  9. Sounds practical and sensible to me, particularly the breakfast bit. Other than that it’s cutting down on alcohol (if you imbibe) …..

  10. Good work! I have a sweet tooth also, but if I have a small glass of apple juice, that usually satisfies it and then I can have something else not so sweet. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip. I just happen to have some apple juice on hand that I usually use for cooking. I’ll try drinking it!

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