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Never Too Old!

When I am lucky enough to spend time at home alone, nothing suits me more than to have a girls’ night.  You can bet it is always going to be an evening of laughter and fun!

This time around, girlfriends were invited to a pajama party, yes, a pajama party!    We tried to think when we last attended such a gathering and concluded that it was probably in junior high if you discount dorm room gatherings in college.

No Victoria’s Secret or sexy peignoirs here.  It was a cold night, so fleece and flannel were the best choice if one was going to stay warm.  As each gal came in, I had to laugh at how perfectly matched the wearer and the worn were!

What took the cake though was the footwear.

No one in this crowd was going to have cold feet.

Can you guess which slippers go with what pajamas?

As the evening wore on, we laughed until tears ran down our cheeks and this without too much alcohol.  As we thought about how different the evening would be if our husbands were present, we couldn’t help but wonder what kind of goofy get togethers guys have.  Maybe one of you men can fill us in.

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12 thoughts on “Never Too Old!

  1. I remember my parent’s generation had “Come as you Are Parties.” They’d show up at someone’s house in the morning and hijack the people in whatever clothes they had on — usually pajamas and a robe. No extra grooming was allowed — if your hair stuck out, it stuck out. Sounded like a lot of fun. They’d have a huge breakfast at one house, then all be allowed to go home.

    I can’t imagine what you would have gotten up to with alcohol to fuel the fun, but I’m always glad to help a friend make bail.


  2. Come as you are. Last time I experienced was a birthday party for Linsey when she was in middle school. That’s an idea for next girls’ night.

  3. So much joy and fun. Will take your advice and do something fun for my friends & family too. Question. Does anyone have any good idea to upgrade old french provential coffee & end tables. They have a cream colored veneer and also cream colored slate tops. I work at a consignment store and thought they would be great to update in today’s market. Any Ideas? Please post.

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