Along the Dirt Road

Just past my house begins a dirt road.  From morning til dark people–singly, in groups, with dogs–trek the three miles that round Beauchamp Point,

leaving their footprints in the dirt.

This time of year a portion of the road is closed meaning no vehicles interrupt its peacefulness.  The only sounds are the rustling of wind in the
trees, water slapping against the rocks or gulls calling out to each other.

In a couple of places is a path leading to softly rounded rocks where in summer people picnic or sunbathe.  At any time of year, it is not uncommon to see someone there with a camera or a paintbrush and easel.

Today a sea urchin was locked in the ice, but it is likely to be washed away at high tide.

Here and there on the dirt road is a left behind item hanging from a branch or pole waiting to be reclaimed.

Rounding the first turn is the field where for years the donkeys, Martini and Rossi, watched the passersby.  Now, both are buried beneath the apple tree across the way, but in my mind I see them every time I pass this spot.

No walk is complete without a stop at the Children’s Chapel which I think of as my special place.  There I can sit quietly overlooking Penobscot Bay and feel as one with the world.

It may have been given as a sanctuary for youth, but it serves as a place of spiritual and mental refreshment for all who halt there.

The dirt road is a walk for all seasons. Do you have a special place to leave your footprints?

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6 thoughts on “Along the Dirt Road

  1. These places are part of my “tour” I give my guests every year! Loved to see it in the winter- it’s so much fun in the summer- sometimes I don’t look forward to repeating all the high points of the “tour” – the same shops in Camden – Acadia (again!) …but Beauchamp Point and the Children’s Chapel never gets old!! Thanks for walk!

    1. One of the nice things about having a boat is that you don’t have to do the same thing with guests over and over. If you know the dirt road, you’ve been right by my house. Next time you have to stop!

      1. Will do- one of the things I love when you leave the dirt road and drive toward the town is the whale sprinkler in the garden to the left- love all the houses around there!!! Lucky you 🙂

  2. Thank you for my morning walk 🙂 I loved the photos of the sea urchin locked in ice and of the found gloves. A beautiful place anytime of year! For me it’s the beach. And when I’m back home I’ll take you for a walk along “my” bit of beach 🙂

  3. What a lovely post. It’s strange to see a sea urchin in ice. One wonders how they would survive the winter. Looks like a beautiful place to just be.

    Happy 2012 to you
    Carolyn xx

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