Taking Time Out

The holidays can get pretty frenetic with all the shopping and festivities.  To keep that from happening, it is important to take time out,  spend time with friends, continue traditions that have been part of relationships.  That is why I so look forward each year to gathering with a small group who has had dinner together more years than I can remember.    All of us don’t see each other frequently which makes this dinner a time to catch up, to remember times past, to celebrate lasting friendships.

Over the years we have alternated between eating out and at home.  I must confess to enjoying more the times at home when we can really visit without the distractions of a restaurant.

This time around we were at home in a friend’s guest house which lends itself to cozy comfort.  You can see that to be true just by looking at the table.

The holiday greenery festooned with ribbon, ornaments, candles and pomegranates resulted in a  table that was warm and inviting.

I loved the contrast between the greenery  and the sea foam green resting on white plates.  No Christmas dishes could have made a better statement.  The paisley napkins and hammered metal utensils were a perfect complement to the tableware and the tinted etched glasses.

In case you are wondering what we had for dinner, it was homemade gumbo, salad and a Maine wild blueberry cobbler.  Yep, those blueberries came from Maine this fall and were just waiting to be made into a pie.

Here’s hoping you’ve found time to spend with friends laughing and rehashing dinners past!  And maybe, as we did this year, remembering the one who isn’t there.

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11 thoughts on “Taking Time Out

  1. Gathering at the table with those you love is always something to celebrate. Your beautifully set table makes it all the more delightful. Love those dishes.

  2. This IS cozy. I love the room, setting, the fresh greenery, fruits on the table, and the entire homey atmosphere. I enjoy eating out, but far prefer dining in. Thanks for sharing this lovely table.

  3. I love the simplicity of the table! Very pretty…

  4. THIS is what the holidays are all about. Getting together with friends (or family!) to reminisce and catch up is the most fun!!! I think sometimes we do get too caught up in the hustle bustle, and we forget that the spirit of Christmas is to enjoy and love each other. I had lunch with a longtime friend yesterday afternoon who I had not seen since earlier this year. It was such a joyous time! I am so glad that you and your friends had the opportunity to sit down and break bread together in the midst of all the ruckus of the season. Have a great day today!

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  5. This looks like a really special event. I’m so glad you got to have it. I agree with you; it’s always important to take time out from the holiday hustle & bustle. I’m finally trying out the best restaurant in town tomorrow night with some friends, and I’m happy to take a night off!

    1. Enjoy your time with friends. They are special.

  6. I love this table for so many reasons.. but lets start with the seafoam plates.. wow, they look magnificent in that setting. Then there are the paisley napkins (such a sucker for paisley) and the hammered flatware.. The goblets, the centerpiece. It all makes for a wonderful, friendly, warm spot to spend time with good friends! Merry Christmas and thanks for dropping in! xo marlis

    1. You’re right about it being a good place to enjoy friends.

  7. I am amazed that you and Mary get posts done and everything else. This looks so relaxing and pretty (I love the blue) and what you said is so true but easier said than done. I think I have perused a few blogs just to relax but posting can’t happen. I am so excited my kids are coming for a week. My son has not been here in two years so that also means he has not seen his sister. We have seen him because we have gone to visit him.

    Have a wonderful Christmas. I must begin cooking and preparing for their arrival. I enjoy and appreciate your friendship. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    1. How pleased you must be to have your chickens share time together. I’m betting they are in for some good spoiling. Enjoy every minute!

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