More Studio Frenzy

Having an organized place to work is a treat, but I must confess that it’s hard to keep it that way.  Putting things back as they are used is a challenge, and the vacuum cleaner is running almost as much as the sewing machine!

What has been great fun is pulling out the scraps, finding pieces that work together and using them in creative ways.  Here’s what’s happening today.

Christmas stockings made from a collection of handwoven fabrics, cut and stitched on to a piece of muslin in a crazy quilt pattern.   When completed, it was laid atop quilt batting and a lining fabric and cut into a stocking, which can be any shape you desire.

Rather than hand embroidery, I tried a variety of sewing machine stitches and for embellishment added zippers and hem tape.

The back of the stocking is nothing more than a piece of complementary fabric.

The same is also used to bind the top edge.

Now, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care hoping that St. Nicholas will soon be there.

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14 thoughts on “More Studio Frenzy

  1. What great stockings!!! Each so unique.

    Thanks for bringing this post to Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  2. What beautiful creations! You are very talented…Christine

  3. Lulu…your Christmas stockings are beautiful. I have two hanging from my mantel that are made from antique bits of velvet, satins, and braiding that I enjoy. It is wonderful when remnants are put to such pretty use. Your carpet is great…is it Company C?

    1. Thanks, they were very fun to make. The rug is one of my favorite things. Itt is a needlepoint piece, all hand done and was purchased a a carpet store inHouston.

      1. Wow, needlepoint. It is beautiful…I can see why you love it.

  4. I WANNA BE ABLE TO SEW LIKE YOU!!! That is really amazing! You are so talented! I did a few tablecloths earlier this year, and then I sort of gave up. The precision & patience necessary for sewing is just something that seems to be beyond my grasp. Maybe I can settle down this winter and try again. I hope so…you do amazing stuff, Linda!

    1. You know, I haven’t done much playful sewing in a while, and I must confess it’ been fun. With your creativity, you should try again. There’s no telling what you’d come up with for your tables.

  5. Those are adorable. My roommate would love them!

    1. Maybe you should make her one….next year!

  6. The stockings are things of beauty Lulu. Beautifully crafted so much so I’m sure St Nocholas will be along shortly 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m just hoping something gets left in them.

  7. Love your workspace, and I totally relate about keeping it organized. I am planning a workspace redo in 2012 (hold me in your prayers!). Love the richness of your fabrics, and the artful way you pieced them together. They work perfectly in your jewel toned living room – GREAT space! Thanks for posting/sharing. ~CJ

    1. Good luck with your work space. It’s nice to have a place to call your own and where you are totally responsible for what happens there.

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