Studio Frenzy

Now that we can actually find our way into the sewing room, let’s get to work!

The granddaughters are here spending the night which makes it a good idea to find a project we can do together.  We’ll start with yarn, scissors, styrofoam balls in various sizes and a hot glue gun.

We’ll wrap the balls with yarn securing the end with a drop of glue.  It’s more important that all the styrofoam be covered than it is for the wrapping job to be perfect

After a few practice wraps the process becomes very easy, even when a change of direction is required.

With the balls all finished, they are glued to a wire frame, part of which is wrapped with ribbon and voila, the girls have their own special wreath to hang on their door.

I continued playing with the concept to make a wreath for our back door. I found that by cutting some of the balls in half it was possible to layer them thus creating more dimension.  Before glueing the balls in place, I arranged them, making a few changes here and there to get the right balance.

Putting  found objects among the balls adds interest.  Here I used some small ornaments that were hiding in a drawer, a couple of berry clusters and a spindle that was sitting on a shelf.  With each addition I thought of a new idea and can’t wait to make more of these wreaths using different elements reflective of the seasons.  Won’t it be fun to use mussel shells?  And what about buttons and wooden spools, game pieces and……..well, you get the idea.

The process is a simple one and is an opportunity for creativity to shine.  If you use materials you already have on hand, the only expense is the purchased balls and wreath form.  Speaking of the wreath form, there are several that can be used, but I like the metal one because it lays flat on the  surface where it hangs.

Here’s hoping you’ll come up with your own creation and share it with the rest of us.

i love your thoughts, so jump right in and share yours

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11 thoughts on “Studio Frenzy

  1. So cute! Thank you for sharing and linking up. 🙂 I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to wrap some yarn.

  2. What a great project! Love how they turned out! Thanks for stopping by Reading Confetti!

  3. Very Pretty and lovely made homemade, Happy Holidays! Pat

  4. Hi lovely lady.
    Your girls did a Beautiful job putting their Wreaths together sweet lady.
    I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Christmas tablecape..
    Hope you and your family have a great week.
    XXOO Diane

  5. What a lovely project – even more so when you get to do these kinds of things with your grand daughters! 🙂 Looks lovely & festive!

    Take care and have a wonderful new week!


  6. The girls have their wreaths hanging on their bedroom doors. Very creative, Lulu. LF is standing here and says this about the snow on your blog: “Oh my goodness! Isn’t that the cutest?!?!” 🙂

  7. It’s great to spend that kind of time with the grandkids. It makes wonderful memories.

  8. So creative, festive and cute!
    Merry Christmas

  9. Very pretty!

    Pink with Puzzle time, looking forward to see you when you get a chance. Thank you!

  10. That turned beautiful! And they had a fun time making it.~Ames

  11. That’s really pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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